Sushma Arts installs Autoprint Repetto-80 diecutter

Autoprint’s first Repetto-80 installation in Western India

A Kiron Kumar, proprietor, Sushma Arts with the Autoprint Repetto-80

A Kiron Kumar, proprietor of the company, calls the upgrade as a first step towards boosting the company’s productivity. He shares, “Earlier, we used to consume a lot of time in postpress, especially in the diecutting process. With the installation of Autoprint, we have enhanced our productivity tremendously. Interestingly, Autoprint has earned significant trust with the convertors owing to its excellent after-sales service and easy availability of spare parts. The Autoprint diecutter is the ideal press in its price range and it fulfills the purpose for which it has been installed. The press delivers 2,500 sheets in an hour with an overall output capacity of 4,500 sheets of 80 to 450 gsm.”

Sushma Arts is among the few companies in Mumbai capable of producing blister coated cards. Talking about the enterprise, Kumar says, “We produce cartons and are a specialist in blister-coated products. We focus on providing a range of finishing effects on cartons, which enhances the visual appeal of the overall package. Blister coating is a difficult job, and not many convertors excel in it.” Showing a few blister samples, Kumar informs that his company caters primarily to the FMCG and pharma industries.