Mosca presents virtual showcase in place of Interpack appearance

Fully automated line for strapping pallet stacks with different heights

A digital tour of the Mosca world. In place of an appearance at Interpack, the machine manufacturer will be offering insights into the strapping applications of the future at its virtual exhibition stand from 25 February 2021. Photo - Mosca

Mosca is bringing its planned Interpack presentation into the digital world with a virtual exhibition stand. This web portal can be accessed online without prior registration from 25 February 2021. With a few mouse clicks, visitors can move through six thematic spaces and experience various high-performance machines’ detailed views. The virtual presentation highlight is a fully automated application for flexible strapping of stacked pallets of different heights. This system is based on the KZV-321 pallet strapping machine, the Evolution SoniXs MS-6 H horizontal strapping machine, and automated guided vehicles from partner company Gebhardt Fördertechnik.

Mosca is a system supplier, developer, and producer of high-quality strapping machines, strapping materials, and safety systems for transporting goods for professional and industrial use. The machine portfolio ranges from universal devices with a wide range of applications to fully automated high-performance machines integrated into any higher-level automation line. Mosca produces strapping material out of PP and PET in one of the most modern sites in Europe. Mosca’s international distribution, service, and consulting network enable global service for customers. Based in Waldbrunn (Germany), the family company was founded in 1966 and is present in 17 countries with 22 offices and six production sites in Germany, Malaysia, Canada, and USA.

“Interpack is one of the most important trade fairs on our event calendar and we very much regret that we will not be able to meet customers, journalists and other interested visitors in person next year. Therefore, we are all the more pleased that with the digital trade fair stand we have created a varied portal that enables visitors to experience our technologies and solutions on a virtual level”, ” says Mosca chief executive officer Timo Mosca. With just a few clicks, visitors can switch between views of different machines, download multimedia information, and find the right contacts – all from the comfort of their (home) office.

Fully automated end-of-line solutions

According to the press statement, in the ‘Machines’ section, visitors find themselves in the middle of a fully automated end-of-line scenario featuring three core components – a Mosca Evolution SoniXs MS-6 H horizontal strapping machine, a KZV-321 pallet strapping machine, and automated guided vehicles from partner company Gebhardt Fördertechnik. “We see enormous potential in the combination of highly efficient strapping machines and freely moving conveyor elements as a means of increasing flexibility and performance at the end of the packaging line”, Timo Mosca explains. In the application, packages stacked on pallets are first horizontally secured at different heights by the Evolution SoniXs MS-6 H. The cardboard edge protectors used here protect product edges and create an initial stack. An automated guided vehicle then transports the pallets of different heights to the KZV-321.

Maximum flexibility for modern production environments

The KZV-321 exhibited on the stand is a variant of the proven Mosca pallet strapping machine equipped with two side sealing units, an open strap frame, and six movable strap lances at three different heights. This enables users to strap single pallets of different heights and stacked pallets flexibly. So far, those two different use cases could only be managed by employing two different machine types. In the virtual application example, an automated guided vehicle alternately transports single pallets or two stacked pallets into the machine. The lances then close the strapping frame at the appropriate height, and the KVZ-321 straps the package. If two stacked pallets are placed inside the machine, the strapping process creates a compound structure. For this, the machine’s lances maneuver between the pallets’ planks. This means that the strap does not directly touch the product, allowing users to utilize a higher strap tension without damaging the product.

The use of automated guided vehicles from Gebhardt Fördertechnik further enhances the flexibility of the application. These units use map layouts to move autonomously in the production environment and independently avoid obstacles if necessary. They automatically pick up packages and can transfer them at different heights to downstream stations. They can also be conveniently operated and tasked via tablet computer or other terminal devices due to an interface and mobile app. Their performance can also be analyzed in the same way.

Complete Mosca overview in five additional theme worlds

Mosca presents its services and concepts for future-oriented packaging lines in five additional thematic areas. A Mosca machine with Industry 4.0 capabilities is the main focus in the ‘Digitalization’ section. This is where an Evolution SoniXs TR-6 Pro demonstrates how digital features can optimize processes in end-of-line solutions.

In addition to innovative, high-performance technologies, Mosca offers comprehensive support ranging from consulting to maintenance and service. The company’s ONE Service concept ensures that customers all over the world receive standardized, top-quality support. A new feature added in autumn 2020 is the Performance Services area, which will be presented in the “Services” section of the virtual trade fair stand. With this new service, customers worldwide receive individual advice on continuous optimization and long-term efficiency improvements for their Mosca machines.

Mosca’s focus on sustainable action is also a priority for the company on other levels. “We clearly have a responsibility – in terms of our plastic strap material as well as in regard to our entire production approach”, Mosca explains. This voluntary commitment is reflected in the ‘Strapping’ section with its display of sustainable strapping solutions. PET strapping, for example, is made from 100% recycled materials. The ‘Sustainability’ section picks up on this theme and showcases Mosca’s full range of sustainability concepts that range from recyclable materials and eco-friendly processes to climate-neutral production operations.

In the last thematic section, visitors can learn more about Mosca’s specific approaches to strapping solutions in five key industries: corrugated cardboard and paper, mail order and logistics, construction and container, food and beverage, newspaper and graphics.

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