Archroma presents sustainable solutions for the packaging industry

Safe, efficient and enhanced paper

Bright N' Safe brings together high whiteness and brightness with food safety for FDA compliant packaging, with improved control and reduced slowdowns in production

Archroma, a color, and specialty chemicals provider, launched its latest solutions for the paper and packaging industry at Paperex 2019. Under its slogan ‘The Archroma way – safe, efficient, and enhanced, the company launched four new products at the exhibition.

Bright N’ Safe is an FDA compliant solution for paper food packaging. Hold Tight is a solution for improved fiber retention and bonding. Print It Bright makes paper whiter and brighter, making the prints sharper and vibrant. Lastly, Smart White provides high whiteness for quality paper with less resource usage.

Wai Kit Cheong, head of sales, Packaging and Paper Specialties, Asia, Archroma, said, “Sustainability and efficiency are hot topics in the paper industry. Our new products are aimed at minimizing the usage of resources, improving production, and enhancing the product for our customers and for end-users as well. In India, the scarcity of water is a concern. Consumers are now willing to pay slightly more for a product if it is produced in an environmentally friendly way. Hence, not only do we provide efficiency and enhancement in our product, but we make our production process more sustainable and efficient. We ensure that we use less freshwater. When you produce a highly concentrated product, you require less freshwater, which equals to less discharge in the environment. This is a material balance. It is one part of how we optimize our production process.”

He added, “There is a lot of talk about sustainable food packaging in India. The government is urging manufacturers to find an alternative to plastic. For example, paper cups have a coating of PE for water and grease barrier properties. With our water-based solutions, it can be made sustainable. We have many projects going on in India.” Cheong affirmed that the plastic ban in India is a good time for the company to provide alternative solutions to the market.

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