Venugopal Nair, Sterling Print House, Kochi
Venugopal Nair, Sterling Print House, Kochi

When I talked to Venugopal Nair on the phone a couple of weeks ago, he was almost apologetic about having entered packaging which he doesn’t yet find as fascinating as commercial printing. He says there are two kind of people – romantics and rationalists and that he, being a romantic loved and enjoyed being a commercial printer in Kerala – a place of kindness, and good medicine and not just literacy but where the citizens buy and read books. Born and brought up in Mumbai he threw up a lovely job there and went to Kerala thirty-five years to start a print business in Kochi. He found success and joy in commercial printing and in our brief conversation on the phone he said that since becoming a packaging printer he misses seeing the smile of an author or publisher receiving the first copy of a well-printed and bound book. Although commercial printing was and is threatened everywhere, according to Nair, in Kerala it was expected to continue for a good while longer – perhaps another…

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Naresh Khanna
Editor of Indian Printer and Publisher since 1979 and Packaging South Asia since 2007. Trained as an offset printer and IBM 360 computer programmer. Active in the movement to implement Indian scripts for computer-aided typesetting. Worked as a consultant and trainer to the Indian print and newspaper industry. Visiting faculty of IDC at IIT Powai in the 1990s. Also founder of IPP Services, Training and Research and has worked as its principal industry researcher since 1999. Author of book: Miracle of Indian Democracy. Elected vice-president of the International Packaging Press Organization in May 2023.