Aditya Flexipack becomes first Converter in India with BOBST AluBond

The VISION K5 to produce high quality film

VISION K5 1650mm

Aditya Flexipack based in India has purchased a VISION K5 1650mm which will be installed in their state of the art green field project focused on qualitative improvements and backward integration; the facility is spread across 19 acres and will be one of the largest converting facilities under one roof. The new metallizer is equipped with BOBST AluBond for the production of high barrier and high adhesion CPP/BOPP films and BOBST Hawkeye pinhole detector.

Established almost 20 years ago, Aditya Flexipack is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible packaging products in India. Aditya prides itself on its high quality, ethical trade practices, customer satisfaction and sustainable and safe working practices which have resulted in many long-term relationships with its valued customers.

BOBST AluBond on CPP and BOPP

The VISION K5 will be the first metallizer for Aditya Flexipack after they decided to expand their business to bring the metallizing process in-house. To meet the requirements of their customers, Aditya required a machine which could produce high barrier CPP and BOPP with high adhesion and high dyne level retention.

The BOBST AluBond process which is fast becoming the standard metallizing process in the market for polyolefin based PP substrates was perfect for their requirements. AluBond greatly increases metal adhesion on the most commonly used substrates; metal adhesion values of up to 5N/15mm can be achieved. In addition AluBond has been shown to significantly increase dyne level retention which translates in improved ink wettability during printing and may eliminate the need for an additional surface treatment boost i.e. corona refresh prior to converting.

As well as providing excellent adhesion levels on all substrates, when AluBond is applied to CPP and BOPP films it provides enhancement of oxygen (OTR) and water vapour (WVTR) barrier performance. AluBond is also starting to be used in the production of high barrier metallized CPP and BOPP mono-material laminates in response to the market’s demands for sustainable packaging films.

Commenting on the investment, Raman Tandon, director of Aditya Flexipack said “Due to demand from our customers for metallized CPP/BOPP with high adhesion, high barrier and dyne level retention; we decided to bring the metallizing process in-house. BOBST are well known in the industry for their machines’ ability to handle heat sensitive films such as CPP and we were very impressed with the AluBond process which will allow us to produce high quality film for our customers. We look forward to the machine being installed in our factory in the next couple of months”.

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