Arden Software to showcase ImpactCAD at Pamex 2017

director & business head

Arden Asia Pacific Software, a subsidiary of Arden Software UK, plans to showcase Impact CAD Designer at the upcoming PAMEX 2017 show. Impact CAD is Arden’s flagship product catering to keyline designing, dieboard manufacturing, multiup layouts and 3D visualization.

Talking about their business, Manish Bhaskar, director and business head – Asia, states, “We established our India office in November 2015, to cater to a vast geography from Africa to Australia. We have recorded a decent growth over the years. We started off with two people and are currently a team of five. Out of these, two (one sales and another tech resource) are solely meant to cater to the Indian market. With India as our base, we plan to handle and provide our services to other Asian markets.”

Arden primarily caters to offset packaging printers, service bureaus and steel rule die-makers. “There is robust growth and demand in the die-making segment. As of now, we are planning a growth of 25% year on year for the next two years,” adds Bhaskar.

Impact CAD
Impact CAD is a flagship product of Arden, catering to keyline designing, dieboard manufacturing, multiup layouts, 3D visualization, etc. It is available broadly in two variants—Designer and Diemaker modules. The Designer module is meant for package printing purposes and for service bureaus. It offers inbuilt tools for keyline designing, multiup layout, 3D visualization, estimation reports, auto error fix, and integration with third-party applications like SAP or MIS. Arden’s solutions also offer seamless integration with database (SQL, Oracle, etc.).

The Diemaker module offers end-to-end dieboard manufacturing tools, including multiup layout, die tooling, pertinex, rubbering, rubber nesting, rule bending, stripping dies, blanking dies, etc. “We generally cater to the steel rule die market, both rotary and flatbed, flexible dies, stickers, etc.,” says Bhaskar. Impact CAD currently has over 11,000 installations globally.

Impact Enterprises is a solution  to connect multiple Impact sites to a centralized  database with an environment safe from failure. It connects various  Impact sites with varying rights to static and roaming users. By harnessing the latest cloud-based technology, a combined Impact:Enterprise solution delivers all the performance benefits of a local database with the collaborative benefits of a central database to enable designers share Impact projects with their remotely located colleagues.

Enterprise is powered by a series of dedicated services capable of automatically managing the queuing, distribution and deployment of Impact projects across an entire business. These powerful services assure optimum performance and fault tolerance at all times. Even in case of a network shutdown, designers will be able to continue to work normally and Enterprise will kick-in automatically the minute the network is back up and running.

Known as Web Connect, this is a portal product to manage the packaging workflow and its stakeholders, both internal and external. It is the world’s leading project lifecycle management and workflow automation solution available to packaging manufacturers. Offering a perfect solution to the problems associated with poor communication between stakeholders in the packaging supply chain, WEBcnx delivers enhanced quality of data exchange, a significant reduction in design approval cycle times, and vastly improved throughput volume.

A powerful workflow tool, WEBcnx is capable of managing every aspect of a packaging project, right from the first point of customer contact, through structural design, graphic design, design approval, tooling manufacture, platemaking, and onto production. A combination of the WEBcnx open task framework and automated email notifications ensures that everybody involved in every project is kept aware of key milestones, and a clear and intuitive dashboard shows them exactly what they have to do to keep the process moving. As a result, no project is ever ignored, misplaced, or stuck with any individual for longer than is absolutely necessary.

Established in 1988, Arden has grown to five offices globally. Besides India, they have presence in countries like the UK, USA, Germany and Denmark alongside a vast network of channel partners across the globe. Other than software, Arden is also involved in die tooling and 3D engraving/embossing blocks. “We are UK’s largest diemaker primarily catering to the UK and European markets,” shares Bhaskar.

The company develops integrated solutions that keep the converter in control of the packaging design and manufacturing process, from the first keyline to final delivery. It focuses exclusively on delivering solutions that connect the pre- and post-production activities to help businesses become more innovative, efficient, productive, and profitable. In the past six years, Arden Software has opened four overseas offices, creating new job opportunities and positioning themselves as a global player in the packaging sector.

At PAMEX, the company will be present at Stand F22.

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