Broad appeal of new Label AutoMounter drives Labelexpo success for JM Heaford

JM Heaford
where the new Heaford Label AutoMounter took centre stage

JM Heaford, industry-leading supplier of proofing and mounting solutions for the labels, flexible packaging, corrugated and decorative markets, has received its highest ever volume of serious sales enquiries from a Labelexpo show at this year’s Labelexpo Europe. Follow-up since the event to date has confirmed more than 90 percent of discussions initiated during the four days in Brussels as ‘live’ queries.

Demonstrations at the Labelexpo stand launched the Heaford Label AutoMounter to international visitors from more than 70 countries and underlined the extensive appeal of the technology for a wide range of business types and sizes. Its consistent plate mounting in less than one minute per plate was widely commended, with a key differentiator being repeatable five-micron accuracy irrespective of operator experience or skill.

The best-selling Heaford FTS mounter served as inspiration in designing the Label AutoMounter unit. Two cameras are positioned below the cylinder and plate manipulators to ensure easy access while also keeping the footprint to a minimum. Operator intervention is limited to just simple loading of the cylinder into pneumatically operated headstocks and loose positioning of the plate over curved manipulators. The AutoMounter then takes over, precisely positioning the plate using dual-axis closed-loop controls, and then completing the process by means of an integrated lay-down roller.

Parties showing interest in the Label AutoMounter came from the widest range of labelling businesses. In addition to mid-sized label manufacturers, small independents, larger organisations and global groups were equally in attendance. As a result, JM Heaford is now in active consultation with a broad range of international customers and prospects for this latest addition to its AutoMounter product family.

“Large, small or mid-sized, and regardless of geographical market, we found that guaranteed return-on-investment is the one common factor that all prospective customers are looking for,” says Sally-Anne Heaford, managing director of JM Heaford. “And I’m confident in stating that we have achieved this with our AutoMounters due to the simplicity of design, the speed with which they are in operation and yielding a return, and the immediate savings they deliver. Our first wide-web AutoMounter installs are on track to achieving ROI well ahead of schedule. It is for this reason that several multinationals have taken note and are exploring the potential for installing multiple units across group sites.”

Among the meetings at Labelexpo, JM Heaford reports that an unusually high volume involved South American label manufacturers, with a particularly large contingent from Brazil. Nick Vindel, JM Heaford sales manager for Latin America, believes this level of interest was stimulated by the existing and growing strong presence and reputation of Heaford technology in that market. “Heaford build quality and precision has achieved high status in Brazil, and a recent flurry of new FTS mounter installations has strengthened that reputation. After a long period of political crisis, there are now positive signs of improving conditions so Brazilian label makers are looking for ways to ensure long-term survival by reducing set-up and downtime and by improving process standardization,” he says.

JM Heaford continues the roll-out of the Heaford Label AutoMounter at a series of conferences and trade shows in coming months, including in the Americas and Asia. For anyone unable to attend, the company extends an open invitation to arrange a demonstration at its main facility in Cheshire UK.


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