EMBA introduces DualBox

Enhancing production prowess with TwinFeed

Esa Koski, vice president sales and marketing, and Olof Ronquist, technical director at EMBA Machinery

The DualBox is an extended Magna VSC slotting unit with four slotting shafts. In combination with TwinFeed, one can make the slots on both sheets in the slotting unit. So, you are producing double the output with the same linear speed.

Q: What led to the development of this feature?
As always, our development work is customer driven. It is very common when you analyse production in a mid-size machine that a considerable amount of sheets converted are actually smaller than 520 mm in the running direction. That will always raise a question among customers —which is more suitable, a mid-size machine or a smaller one. At EMBA, with the Ultima platform, we have various possibilities to bring solutions to our customers. Therefore, the combination of Ultima feeder with TwinFeed and the Magna VSC Slotter gave us the ideal possibility to develop the DualBox concept. The result is a serious alternative for a company to consider an investment in 245 QS Ultima. They can convert with the same efficiency as with smaller machine sheets up to 520 mm. In fact, you have two machines in one!

TwinFeed, an option for 245 QS Ultima, is a specially designed solution to enable feeding of two sheets up to 520mm in running direction in one machine cycle

Q: How long did it take to bring this new idea to reality?
The project, from idea to solution and delivery of the first machine, has been achieved within one year. The first machines with the DualBox feature were delivered towards the end of 2016. I am very pleased with the outcome, since there is a demand among customers for efficient manufacturing solutions with an attractive investment profile.

Q: Can this new feature be retrofitted to existing 245 QS Ultima casemakers already in the field?
Yes, it is possible to replace the existing slotting unit with an extended Magna VSC Slotter.