Flint’s rotec Eco Bridge

Adapter for sleeve mounting

Product Development Group’s project leader for rotec Eco Bridge, Martin Schwiertz. rotec is a registered trademark of Flint Group

Typical adapters have only four to eight air stream holes to help mount the sleeves. In comparison, the rotec Eco Bridge forms a ring of air across the entire circumference of the adapter. Another significant benefit of the rotec Eco Bridge is the reduced air volume requirement. A standard adapter normally needs about 720 l/min of compressed air at six bar of pressure to mount a sleeve; the rotec Eco Bridge can achieve the same results with only 50-70 l/min, and the required pressure can sometimes be reduced. A more than 90% reduction in air volume needed, this a significant cost savings and reduced air volume also reduces noise. A working rotec Eco Bridge produces decibel levels a little over normal room noise (< 60 dB) compared to a typical adapter set-up at ≥ 85 dB.

At a recent customer trial, Robert Adler, Flint Group director of sales for North America said, “I believe this will become a new standard of our industry.” Press operators benefit from using the rotec Eco Bridge for easier sleeve mounting, cost savings, and reduced noise.