Rajoo’s live demos at Indiaplast 2019 – Hall 12 Stand B2

Four future-ready technologies by Rajoo’s Indiaplast stand


The gamut of world-class technologies to be showcased at Indiaplast 2019 are reasons enough to visit the expansive Rajoo’s stand in Hall 12 and stay abreast with the new technology on offer. Exhibiting live at a show is a matter of confidence and Rajoo does this consistently at both domestic and international exhibitions in which it frequently participates. A reflection of the company’s self-belief and market comprehension, it’s a proof of its capabilities as well. At Indiaplast 2019 at the India Expo Centre in Noida, Rajoo will showcase four technologies that it anticipates will have deep ramifications in the extrusion and thermoforming market.

7-layer co-extruded blown film line

The Rajoo Heptafoil 7-layer co-extruded blown film line is aimed at higher barrier requirements for meat, vacuum packaging, lidding and UHT milk. These food products always challenge packaging solutions and asymmetric films meet the need of a host of applications, minus the curls, which is precisely how the Rajoo Heptafoil line is designed and configured.

The leading Indian manufacturer has the largest number of successful installations of 5- and 7-layer blown film lines specifically aimed at producing barrier films. To address industry concerns of curling, the film produced on the Rajoo Heptafoil passes through a hot water bath to minimize curling. The enhanced flatness helps to improve and expedite converting.

Extrusion coating and lamination line

A product extension strategy offers ‘solutions that address market needs’ with the recently launched Rajoo-Kohli co-branded LAMEX Series of extrusion coating and lamination lines arousing great market interest. The LAMEX extrusion coating lamination line will be displayed at the Indiaplast using ‘Virtual Reality’ at the show, in another first.

Multi-station thermoforming machine

The DISPOCON RETF-7655-TS is a long-awaited product by the disposable container market. With its leadership in the thermoforming market, Rajoo’s continuous product enhancement has led it to introduce this fully automated thermoforming solution that uses sheets of PS/PP/PET. The fully automated line minimizes in-process human intervention, especially for the labor-intensive stacking and packing stations.

A first in the country, the multi-station thermoforming machine is designed for production of disposable containers, dishes, cups, glasses and punnets. Defining parameters include a forming area of 760 x 550 mm; a sheet thickness range from 0.2 to 1.8 mm, a maximum draw depth of 150 mm and a maximum mechanical speed of 60 cycles a minute.

Twin screw PVC compounding line

Never before at any show has an operating twin screw PVC compounding line been demonstrated live! This is a global first by Rajoo Bausano and visitors at Indiaplast 2019 would be the first to see the GRANULEX Series with its life-enhancing MultiDrive system demonstrated running at the show. The MultiDrive lowers power consumption of the system significantly by up to 40% while it produces PVC granules with a staggering output of 2,000 kilogram an hour.

The applications of this technology and line are diverse – rigid PVC for uPVC and cPVC pipe fittings, window and door profiles, containers, bottles and wood plastic. Other applications include soft PVC for cables and wires, medical applications, hoses, profiles, footwear and TPR.

The world-class technologies to be showcased at Indiaplast 2019 are reasons enough to visit the expansive Rajoo stand and stay abreast with what future-ready technology has to offer. “Inviting one and all to the Rajoo stand at Indiaplast 2019, I am elated at the opportunity to present this exclusive basket of excellence that we manufacture here – a product repertoire that truly makes India and us immensely proud,” says Khushboo Chandrakant Doshi, executive director, Rajoo Engineers Limited.