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Commitment to service and prompt technical assistance are hallmarks of Bimec’s success together with its worldwide sales network for distribution and support. The Bimec range consists of two main lines of slitter rewinders—the double spindle series STC, STB, STM and TBS and slitters with duplex turrets with the TCA series, available in different configurations. Bimec also has a series of ancillary machines—reversible salvage rewinders with the inspection possibility of the BDM series unwinders and rewinders and the manual and automatic TM series of core cutters.

Bimec caters not only to small and medium companies, but also to large structured, multinational companies. “Our strong sales network and service enables us to serve several markets of the world. Bimec’s policy is to keep abreast with new market trends and also adhere to customer requests. We at Bimec believe that feedback received from our customers is our best source of information. Thanks to their suggestions, and even criticisms, we are able to work towards the betterment of our services,” says KV Hebbar, proprietor of Scanvik Packaging, Bimec’s exclusive agent in India.

According to Hebbar, Bimec functions not only as a manufacturer of slitter rewinders but also offers 360° advice to its customers. Bimec’s expertise coupled with its wide range of slitter rewinder models allows the company to assess which machine and equipment best suits the type of work and materials that must be cut. More specifically, the most requested technical requirements are the reduction of downtime combined with simplification of the equipment to make it more user friendly. Furthermore, customers request high productivity machines that are compact and require less space to fit in. Bimec’s program of study and research is aimed exactly at meeting what the market needs.

“At drupa, we presented the world premiere of our series of duplex turret slitters—TCA64C+ with semi-integrated unwind stand. The slitter measures just 3.5 metres long and combines the advantages of a compact version with those of the version with separate unwind stand. This combination allows the fit of a splicing table, provides easy access to the cutting area, and a reduced passage under the running board. It is also well isolated from the floor to ensure hygiene and avoid contamination of the material from dust particles. The machine works at a maximum speed of 800 metres a minute. It guarantees high performance, unwinding batch rolls up to a maximum of 1000 mm diameter and winding finished rolls up to a maximum of 600 mm diameter,” informs Hebbar.

“Together with the TCA64C+, we exhibited our best-seller model—the STM50. Its structure and design combined with its simplicity of use makes it one of our most popular models. The STM50 unwinds batch rolls up to a maximum diameter of 800 mm and rewinds finished rolls up to a maximum diameter of 500 mm. It works at a speed of 600 metres a minute,” Hebbar adds.

Bimec is now gearing up for K 2016, scheduled in October in Dusseldorf. At K 2016, Bimec will focus on its projects for 2017 during which it plans to start the technical and operational organization of its new factory, the development of a new model of double spindle slitter, and the study of new integrated solutions of unloading and handling of the finished rolls at the end of the winding cycle.

Note: Our editor Naresh Khanna editor@ippgroup.in and Ron Augustin europeaneditor@ippgroup.in will cover K in Dusseldorf for Packaging South Asia.