Heaford Label AutoMounter and manual solutions for label production

Labelexpo Brussels, Stand 7D33

Heaford’s showcase product at Labelexpo (7D33) is its Label AutoMounterwhich has delivered an overall reduction in plate changing time of around 75% for Martin E-Z Stick Labels of Santa Fe Springs (CA.), USA.
Heaford’s showcase product at Labelexpo (7D33) is its Label AutoMounterwhich has delivered an overall reduction in plate changing time of around 75% for Martin E-Z Stick Labels of Santa Fe Springs (CA.), USA.

JM Heaford, a supplier of mounting and proofing solutions for the tag and label, flexible packaging, corrugated and gravure markets, will display its Label AutoMounter which mounts any plate in less than one minute with an accuracy of five microns at its Stand 7D33 during Labelexpo Brussels. The company sold all three mounters off the stand during Labelexpo Chicago last September and anticipates similar interest in Europe.

The automated processes of the AutoMounter eliminate the need for skilled operators, making it a good solution for larger label producers running round-the-clock with multiple presses. Consistent plate mounting is maintained via a simple, multi-lingual graphic interface, and the system can store and recall over 100,000 jobs.

For Martin EZ Stick Labels, the company that bought the AutoMounter at Labelexpo 2018, the key requirement was a production system that could easily serve its new state-of-the-art hybrid press. The company currently averages between 40 and 60 plate changes per day and, since installing the Heaford Label AutoMounter, has reduced plate changeover time by 75%. “We have never needed to remount a plate yet. And because we have a number of repeat jobs, we also save more time through not having to input job data repeatedly as it stores all the details in a database. We really are beyond happy with the machine. JM Heaford are masters of their craft. You get what you pay for,” said Richard Martinez, owner of EZ Stick Labels.

The Heaford stand at Labelexpo will also feature the Heaford FTS plate mounter, which offers speed, easy operation and repeatable accuracy through semi-automation. A reputation for fast ROI has delivered industry-leading sales success for the FTS in recent years. At Labelexpo Europe, three FTS mounters – two for cylinder and one sleeve dedicated – will be exhibited with options including pre-register systems, precision plate cutter, rotary plate cutter, pivoting tape applicator and fixed/rear tape applicator options. The Heaford team at Labelexpo will explain visitors how savings on press downtime and labor costs are giving customers payback on purchases within a few months.

The entry-level EES plate mounter is proposed for start-ups and those looking for the next step up in mounting speed and precision. Designed with the same emphasis on build quality, accuracy and longevity, it minimizes press downtime by eliminating the unreliable practice of mounting ‘by eye’.

“Labelexpo continues to be a unique and unmissable opportunity for JM Heaford to showcase the extent of our solutions to an ever-widening audience. The breadth of production and technical requirements among international visitors makes it the perfect event to highlight the efficiency gains available for every size of company, whatever their level of technology. Each Heaford system is designed with one over-arching goal: to deliver the maximum ease-of-use, accuracy and repeatability in their class. But you don’t just need to take our word for it; ask us about user experience in any corner of the global market and we can point to another satisfied customer and the Heaford system they would never be without,” said Sally-Anne Heaford, managing director of JM Heaford.

JM Heaford team members and partners will be available throughout the four-day show to meet customers, conduct demonstrations and discuss with interested parties the gains to be made from investing in Heaford systems.

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