Hershey’s collaborates with WOW Design for its product launch

Rich concoction of design and health


Evolving Indian consumers prefer richer, superior experiences when it comes to food and beverages as they are exposed to it on global excursions. The health foods category in India too is slowly evolving to meet the consumers’ preferences. Various products ranging from flavored milkshakes to yogurts have hit the market already. Being well aware of increasing consumer demands, Hershey’s decided to launch its range of healthy flavored milkshakes. With apt understanding and expertise in packaging design, WOW Design stepped onboard with Hershey’s for the product launch.

Creating elegant and impactful packaging
For Hershey’s product launch, WOW Design evaluated both the current brand drivers and the challenges in launching a product that would appeal to both the buyer (mothers) and the consumer (kids). These drivers were existing equity with the consumers in delivering rich experience on taste, flavor and mouth ‘feel’ and an aspirational imagery attached to the brand. The challenge was to find a fine balance between delight for kids and healthy goodness for mothers in a pack of milkshake while exhibited on the same shelf as its Indian competitors.

Design ideation
A thoughtful decision was taken to leverage on the richness and consistency of the product to establish it as a milkshake versus the available flavored milk products. The designs stemmed from the core concept of it being the ultimate healthy milkshake that kids deserve. This was effectively communicated through a bold double splash. The upper splash subtly depicted a crown-like structure to establish the premium feel attached with the brand. That the product is fortified with calcium and vitamins to make it a healthy choice for kids was highlighted on the front of the pack, making it clearly visible.

The final result was a clean, yet communicative range of packs that retained the global appeal of the brand Hershey’s and connected effectively with the health-conscious Indian consumers.

According to Saswata Das, partner and executive director, WOW Design, “The rapid growth of the flavored milk beverages category in India has attracted many global players like Danone and even Coca-Cola to enter this segment. Hershey’s approached us as it also intended to enter this growing segment to complement their existing premium portfolio range. We helped Hershey’s to take on the Indian players and charge a premium for their unique positioning and fortification benefit.”

As per Saiprasad Karalkar, partner and executive director, WOW Design, “This project was an achievement when it came to the final execution and printing, as it was a co-printing on Tetra Pack (all three variants printed together on a common web). So, apart from the special color for Hershey’s, brilliant results were achieved through CMYK for all the three variants on a single run, especially the splashes. It was a good joint team effort by our studio and Tetra Pak expertise.”