Alok Masterbatches launches new TPE compounds at Indiaplast 2019

Plastics use needs addressal from industry experts

Amit Puri, director of Alok Masterbatches at Indiaplast 2019.

Indiaplast 2019 is a new show for Alok Masterbatches. The company is pleasantly surprised with the number of visitors that are stopping by at its stand. Visitors are pouring in from all parts of the country at the show, which shows the massive potential of the industry. A lot of keen visitors have been coming to Alok’s stand enquiring about the solutions that the company offers.

Besides the company’s various offerings of products that the industry is familiar with – different types of masterbatches and speciality masterbatches – Alok Masterbatches is launching its TPE compounds and food grade and food contact sensitive applications. “These trade shows are extremely important. You come to know about the buzz in the industry and various new developments not just by machine manufacturers but also by raw material manufacturers. Also, you get a chance to meet individuals who are otherwise not easily available because of their hectic schedule. People by large are open to explore new ideas at the show,” says Amit Puri, director of Alok Masterbatches.

The packaging industry is doing very well. To put it down into two categories, which are industrial packaging and consumer packaging, there are various challenges that need to be addressed by the industry. Single-use plastics have been facing the flak, and rightly so, in some applications but not much in others. People have started categorizing plastic packaging with a negative viewpoint, which is wrong. Packaging helps increase the shelf life of products. Products which are used on a daily basis and which cannot have expensive packaging use plastic and hence it plays a vital role,” Puri explains.

There is a challenge in the industry regarding the use of plastics, which requires immediate addressal from the industry experts and people need to be educated about the role of plastics in daily life. Alok met a number of existing clients at the show and educated them about its offerings in the market. It also met some new customers and generated some leads at the show. The company aims to understand the needs of the packaging industry by talking to various customers at the show.