Carbon Light launches ceramic-coated rollers at Indiaplast 2019

Trend for carbon fiber rollers set in the industry

Carbon Light team at Indiaplast 2019.

The decision to participate in Indiaplast 2019 came in the last minute for Carbon Light, observing the demand it witnessed from its customers who were visiting the show. Carbon Light has been allotted a stand in the converting hall, which has proved to be a huge benefit for the company as most of its customers have been allotted stands in the same hall and it has been easy for the company to attract a lot of packaging machine manufacturers.

Carbon Light launched ceramic coated rollers at Indiaplast 2019 for high-abrasion films. The company is targetting Uflex for this particular product as it feels that Uflex will find ideal use of these rollers in their packaging division.

I see the trend for carbon fiber rollers has already been set. Last time we participated in an exhibition was back in early 2018 during Plastindia exhibition. We were educating the visitors about carbon fiber rollers at Plastindia but this time, we have witnessed people coming to our stand to inquire about the availability of these rollers. People have now started noticing the potential and end applications of carbon fiber rollers,” says Anuj Bansal of Carbon Light.

The company seemed happy with the footfall at the show. A number of companies such as Manugraph, Pelican, Echaar, and Kabra visited Carbon Light’s stand to inquire about carbon fiber rollers. Some major machine manufacturing companies either enquired or promised to place an order to Carbon Light at the exhibition, according to Bansal. “It has taken these big players time to evaluate the product and carefully look for its potential use since our products can add value to their machines and benefit their customers. All this while, they were in consultation with their customers and are now turning up to place orders with us,” Bansal adds.

The company got confirmation for orders from five companies at Indiaplast. According to the inputs given by Bansal, Manugraph has already given the specifications and drawing sheets to Carbon Light for placing an order with the company, which will most probably be finalized by the end of the exhibition.