Greener printing with high quality and stable production

Soma, Marvaco and Flint Group at K 2019

Tea Bag Designs demonstrated at Soma stand at K 2019
Tea Bag Designs demonstrated at Soma stand at K 2019

Leading suppliers in the packaging industry present “Tea Bag Designs” a jointly developed demo print designed to highlight print quality, stable production, and increased productivity. Working together, Soma, Marvaco and Flint Group present a demo print design that demonstrates clear collaboration and some of the best technology in the industry.

In preparation for the K 2019 in Germany, the SOMA Globe technology center and its partners worked jointly to develop and present several new improvements underpinned by a story of sustainability. Visitors at K can see the quality of the demo prints and the efficiency of the printing process (SOMA’s stand Hall 4 – B 21).

Tea Bag designs Greener printing with high quality and stable production

The design HiQ EGP is printed using CMYOGV + Silver + White with a print resolution of 70 lpcm (178 lpi). Attendees may visit SOMA’s stand Hall 4 B21 to see the high speed and fast changeover print run demonstrated live at the exhibition.

Printing by Soma

Soma flexographic printing press Optima, enhances print quality, make-ready times and running costs, therefore reducing its ecological impact. Due to its Bounce Control technology, this bouncing design could be printed at high speeds with just 260 mm print repeat length. Special Eckart ink can be run with minimum leftovers thanks to the Ink Cartridge technology.

Pre-Press by Marvaco

Marvaco is one of the leading prepress production companies and the biggest flexo plate producer in Northern Europe. The Teado tea bag demo print was printed on the Soma flexo press to demonstrate the eco-efficiency of the printing with Marvaco EGP (Expanded Gamut Printing). Marvaco’s GreenerPrinting EGP repro–plate technology was used resulting in a more sustainable printing scenario together with high quality and faster production. Moving from spot color printing to EGP printing results in the reduction of the number of spot colors used and also eliminates the wash-off of the spot color inks. Moreover, as the design was run using high line screen anilox, it reduced total ink consumption and waste of all consumables.

Printing Ink, printing plates and sleeves by Flint Group

Flint Group’s inks, plates, and sleeves work seamlessly on the Soma press to bring the team’s vision to reality. Flint Group addressed this challenge by delivering nyloflex FTS printing plate with inherent flat-top dots, which is suitable for multiple segments and reduces complexity.

Flint Group’s FlexiPrint MV, flexible packaging inks, are nitrocellulose-based inks that have been optimized for high-quality flexographic surface or lamination printing on a wide variety of films. The inks provide excellent rub, water and heat resistance, and printability at high printing speeds, whilst being low in odor. These inks are tested according to the seedling and ok compost label, suitable on a wide variety of compostable packaging films and applications.

The printing on the Soma flexo press with Flint Group products, together with Marvaco EGP, reduces the environmental impact and is more sustainable and easy to use, as well as consistent from run to run. GreenerPrinting EGP is a new way of making packaging printing eco-efficient.