Monotech Systems introduces JETSCI track and trace solution


India’s leading equipment and solution provider Monotech Systems Limited has introduced JETSCI track and trace solution, which would be helpful in tackling the menace of counterfeiting.

Globally, counterfeit market is affecting almost all types industries—be it cosmetics, pharma, automobiles or electronics. Pharmaceuticals is the most lucrative business for counterfeiters, which is a major concern as it directly relates to the compromise in health and safety of public.
“Proper regulations with necessary implementation of next generation anti-counterfeiting solutions is much needed to combat the effect of counterfeiting. Many countries have successfully adopted various solutions and regulations to reduce the adverse effect of counterfeited drugs,” says Jimit Mittal, vice president – Inkjet Products & Solution.

Since most of the counterfeiting starts from supply chain irregularities, JETSCI solution offers complete workflow including designing security software, converting and variable data printing lines along with the workflow to track the consumption since manufacturing throughout the supply chain. The JETSCI solutions workflow can be implemented effectively in any industry sector whether it be in pharma, automobile, cosmetics, electronics, alcohol and beverages, perishable and non-perishable products and many more.