Novexx shows digital label printers and applicators in Mumbai

general manager- South Asia

Industrial identification and labelling solutions provider Novexx Solutions showcased some of its print and apply and labelling solutions at the Inter­pack show in Mumbai, which was held from 26-28 September 2017. Germa­ny-based Novexx Solutions distributes its solutions in India through manroland India.

The company presented a live demo of its print and apply machine ALX 924 and labelling system ALS 204. Both these machines were integrated into one unit for demonstration. ALX 924 has a print speed of 400 mm/sec and a resolution of 300 dpi. It allows systems to label products in a 1:1 print and apply mode. The ALS 204 labelling machine allows labels between 10 mm and 106 mm width to be applied on the top of products. The maximum apply speed is 40 m/min.

Sajan Abraham, general manager – South Asia, Novexx Solutions said that the idea behind having the two solutions in one demo conveyor was to demonstrate how both the systems work in different scenarios.

The second product on display was the recently launched 6-inch all-round label printer XLP 506—the latest entrant in its XLP 50x series. The newly developed in­dustrial all-round printer is designed for label widths of up to 185 mm and is suit­able for a wide range of industries using either thermal direct or thermal transfer technology.

The XLP 506 delivers perfect print results with either 203 or 300 dpi print resolu­tion over a total print width of up to 6 inches. It prints up to 1,000 labels at 203 dpi in less than 9 minutes.

On being asked if the GST has had any impact on the overall business senti­ment, Abraham said that the new tax regime has led to some disruption in cash flow process which has led to overall slowdown in orders. “There is slowdown in business, definitely, of close to 30%,” he stated.


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