Leading personalities from packaging and printing business discuss the importance of consistency

Print Innovation Exchange India 2019 Conference

Panel discussion at Print Innovation Exchange India 2019 Conference. Photo PSA
Panel discussion at Print Innovation Exchange India 2019 Conference. Photo PSA

Consistency is key to success for any company; it defines the character of a corporation. This was the broad census that emerged during a panel discussion that was held during the Print Innovation Exchange India 2019 Conference – organized jointly by the Association for Print Technologies and Bombay Masters Printers Association – which was held in Mumbai on 25 November.

The panel was moderated by Faheem Agboatwala, managing director of Hi-Tech Printing Solutions and was composed of Amar Chhajed, president of Labelling Business at flexible packaging and labelling major Huhtamaki PPL, Akashay Kanoria, executive director at carton packaging company TCPL and Nilesh Dhankani, chief executive officer of book printing firm Quarterfold Printabilities.

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Agboatwala began by saying that it is perfectly okay to be imperfect but it is not okay to be inconstant. “Clients love consistency,” he said.

Chhajed said consistency defines who you are, whether you are consistently doing something good, fast or even bad. “Each business needs to be consistently unique in today’s cut-throat competitive environment,” he said.

For Kanoria, consistency is the most important, especially from the point of view of TCPL and the carton packaging segment, because in this segment there will always be someone who can do the same thing that you do one to one. “But the problem arises when the need is to make a million pieces. This is when most companies lose out and companies like TCPL succeed. Because we can produce one million cartons or even ten million cartons with the same quality and speed consistently,” he says.

Dhankani said that time management, process implementation and day-to-day operations all need consistency and if you stick to it, you get the results.

Trends in packaging and printing industries

The panel also discussed how the packaging and printing industry will evolve in the coming decade or so and the trends that will unfold. The panellists agreed that there are no major disruptions that packaging and book printing industries are facing; however, players need to keep an eye on the change in technologies.

Kanoria said that greater adoption of digital printing in packaging is something that is likely to happen over the next ten years. However, he said that at the same time conventional analog presses are getting faster. “Both technologies will compliment each other,” he said.

Kanoria further stated that there are no major sunrise sectors in the packaging industry but companies will need to focus on their core competence. They will need to decide if they want to operate with slim margins and big volume or in the niche areas where margins are bigger, he said.

Chhajed said that the packaging and labels industry will not see any major disruption in the next decade or so as consumption will continue and products will need to be packed. However, he argued that companies need to watch out for the threat of changing technology. “Companies will have to keep their ears to the ground and track the changes that are taking place in the technological sphere,” he said.

Even the education book segment is not likely to see any major disruptions going forward, argued Dhankani. He said that books are here to stay, especially in a country like India where more and more people are getting educated every year. “We do not see books being replaced by digital devices like tablets for at least the next decade or more,” he said.

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