Michelman Innovation Centre brings water-based coating tech to India

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The growth opportunity and need for innovation in India’s flexible packaging market is unprecedented. Shifting consumer buying habits, changing food preparation and processing, and a trend towards more environmentally responsible packaging are prompting brand owners to create packaging that attracts and retains consumers’ attention, while protecting their products from damage or degradation. Michelman’s Innovation Centre for Coatings is a place where 70 years of water-based coating expertise converge to help customers excel in the diverse range of markets they serve with sustainable and responsible solutions. As a global developer and manufacturer of environment-friendly advanced materials for the industry, Michelman offers solutions for the coatings, printing and packaging, and industrial manufacturing markets.

Sealidge is Michelman’s best-in-class water-based technology for India. It is a complete portfolio of enabling technologies that are developed to work together, but flexible enough for individual technologies to work with existing coating systems to create superior packaging. Next-generation barrier coatings in the portfolio increase the safety and shelf life of food products as well as protect against oil and moisture, so that food can get where it needs to go and stay fresh until it reaches there. Recent coating innovations include oxygen barrier; safety from mineral oil migration; moisture and water resistance; and, oil and grease resistance.

Oxygen barrier technolpogy
Michelman’s transparent, single component, high oxygen barrier coating can extend the shelf life of even the most oxygen-sensitive products. Designed for use on polymer films, it can reduce oxygen transmission rates up to < 5 cc/m2/day. Not only can it improve shelf life, it also preserves product appearance and flavor, downsizing of laminate structure and potentially minimizes preservative use. It also allows for increased shelf appeal, because its transparency enhances visibility of the product through the packaging.

Safety from mineral oil migration
For the latest in food safety innovation, Michelman’s experts have developed a solution for the evolving issue of mineral oil migration. This new water-based coating acts as both an oxygen and mineral oil migration barrier for numerous food packaging applications. Formulated for use on paper substrates, it reduces mineral oil migration to less than 0.6 mg per 1 kg of food.

Moisture and water resistant solutions
Michelman’s Sealidge system offers dependable barriers to water as well as the transmission of moisture vapor (MVTR). Michelman has multiple barrier and functional coating solutions to cover a large gamut of performance requirements for paperboard and corrugated. These coatings are typically applied to the interior surface of packaging for moisture retention or to the exterior to prevent moisture penetration into the container.

Oil- and grease-resistant solutions
Michelman’s coating solutions provide oil and grease barrier and other key functionality like heat seal for the safe and reliable use of paper in food service containers. They are cold-set and hot-melt gluable, and are typically used to protect shipping containers used for meat, citrus, produce and dairy goods.

Collaborative innovation opportunities
Michelman is looking for partners to collaborate with its water-based technology experts to design packaging for India’s changing needs, as well as sustainable packaging solutions designed for export that are in compliance with international market norms and environmental standards. For more information, please contact micc@michelman.com


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