Offering better shelf-life for fresh produce

Uflex tests Flexfresh Liner Bags for papaya

Uflex has been working towards expanding the reach of its Flexfresh Liner Bags to improve product availability and offer better shelf-life extension solution for fresh produce

Perfotec and Uflex have jointly performed trials in India as well as Holland with leading growers and importers to determine the possible shelf-life extension solution for papaya, which is considered to provide exceptional nutritional benefits to the consumer. It is rich in carotenes, Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, flavonoids and several other minerals. It also lowers cholesterol, helps in weight loss and boosts immunity amongst several other health benefits.

The Fast Respiration Metre from Perfotec was used to determine the rate of respiration under the supply chain temperature of 10° C and the transmission determined to maintain ideal oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the liner bags to maintain freshness and extend shelf-life.

“Trials were conducted with 6040 Flexfresh Liner Bags in open top corrugated boxes. The product was packed in a semi-ripe condition in a warm atmosphere in the liner bags, which were hermetically closed and moved to the cold store. By using Flexfresh Liner Bags, the product remains dry and registers a very low weight loss, due to the hydrated environment inside the bag,” explained N Siva Shankaran, vice president – Flexfresh at Uflex.

Explaining the results, Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman and managing director, Uflex, said that the major benefit of using the Flexfresh Liner bags is the possibility of having an elevated carbon dioxide level, which prevents yellowing of the fruit. He added that growers could attain a shelf-life of 30 days for papaya using the Flexfresh Liner Bags. Uflex and Perfotec (Hall 3 Stand T-39) will be participating at Asia Fruit Logistica to be held in Hong Kong from 7 to 9 September 2016.