Packaging design is already evolving with the millennial generation – Shyam Sunder BK

In conversation with the chief packaging designer of Tata Elxsi


Packaging South Asia: What are the latest innovations at Tata Elxsi in terms of packaging design and sustainability packaging?
Shyam Sunder BK:
Well, our attempt has always been to push green materials into packaging. We have in fact initiated live projects to demonstrate the significant influence green materials can have in the system. When we say ‘green,’ it need not always connote bio-degradable materials but it could even be originating from a green source. As an initiative, we constantly strive to give importance to the sustainability aspect in projects we are involved in and the solutions are derived accordingly.

PSA: What are the major constraints in developing new packaging designs?
It is the cost factor which I think is a key constraint while developing new and innovative packaging designs. Most of the time companies anticipate cost much before the innovation. Instead, it should rather be considered as the end value that the innovation would bring to the brand vis-à-vis the price the customers would pay. Of course, aspects like manifesting the idea into a final product, access to the required technology, total time taken to develop a product are considered as part of any new product development.


PSA: Since packaging is no longer just limited to performing the basic functions and is expanding to becoming more integrated and intelligent, what role does a packaging design company like Tata Elxsi play in creating integrated and intelligent packaging?
The emerging need for new and efficient ways to economize on business processes, solve safety and quality issues through the supply chain, reduce product losses, ensure product shelf life extension and authentication (anti-counterfeiting) are some key drivers for intelligent packaging. The speed at which the technological changes are accelerating is certainly contributing to this evolution of intelligent packaging and is set to revolutionize the consumer experience.

Also, consumers today want a holistic experience. Imagine driving engagement, loyalty and trust for brands by communicating with consumers on a product level, continuing the relationship after the initial purchase and ensuring products deliver the promise. On this front, Tata Elxsi is perfectly positioned to contribute and add tremendous value-addition to drive this new wave. Our ability to integrate both design capabilities along with technology know-how gives us an edge to provide customers and brands end-to-end solutions which they require to stay ahead of the innovation curve.