Polyester packaging films from Sparsh Industries at Plastindia 2018

Sparsh Industries
head of department - Bopet Film Production

Sparsh Industries is a North India based supplier of flexible packaging solutions such as polyester films, metallized films, CPP films and holographic films, among others. It also has a cylinder manufacturing and engraving as well as ink and adhesive sections. Sparsh’s flagship product is Bi-axially Oriented Poly-Ethylene Terephthalate (BOPET) films, commonly known as polyester films, which are manufactured at its Kanpur plant. The 54,000 square meter manufacturing facility in Kanpur has a capacity to produce 63,000 metric tons of polyester films per annum from two 8.7-meter wide polyester lines.

“Not only do we supply to Indian customers such as packaging converters, we also export our films to clients in markets such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, North America and Europe, to name just a few,” says Manish Tiwari, head of department – Bopet Film Production, Sparsh Industries.

The company has seen some milestones in last the few years with the expansion of metallizing film manufacturing capacity in 2015, BOPET film manufacturing capacity expansion in 2016 and commissioning of holographic film plant in 2017. Sparsh Industries is expected to have a 8,000 metric tons per year capacity of CPP films this year.

Talking about Plastindia, Tiwari says that the company met with many packaging convertors as well as potential clients for other industries as well.

“It has been a very good Plastindia,” he says.


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