Kolhapur’s Sigmarq Technologies to launch press for book printing next year

Sigmarq’s web offset technology

Sigmarq Technologies
(L to R) Rajesh Ghorpade and Pradeep Shirale of Sigmarq Technologies at Printpack 2019

Kolhapur-based web offset press manufacturer Sigmarq Technologies will be launching its book printing press by 2020 to cater to the robust book market in India, Rajesh Ghorpade, company’s managing director, said during Printpack 2019.

At present, the company is servicing the newspaper industry with its web offset solutions. The company started manufacturing autopasters in 2011 when not many Indian companies were doing the same. Sigmarq achieved success with its autopasters and progressed to making towers and folders in 2012. In 2014, it launched the Crusader brand of towers.

“At Printpack we met a lot of book printers who were interested in our solutions. We see a lot of opportunity in book printing segment and we will be launching a press to cater to that demand by next year,” Ghorpade says.

Pradeep Shirale, executive director of Sigmarq says that a lot of visitors that the company met were from neighboring Bangladesh. “Markets like Bangladesh is very promising especially when it comes to book printing. Nepal too is a good market for us.”

This is the first time the company is exhibiting at Printpack and both Ghorpade and Shirale say that the expo has been a success.

“Not only did we need a lot of potential customers, the overall management of the event by IPAMA is top class,” Shirale says.

At Printpack, Sigmarq is displaying its flagship product Crusader towers along with its accessories like motorized ink zone control system and sneak type webbing up system. However, there are no live demonstrations.

“We will surely be back for the next edition of Printpack in 2021 and then we will maybe present live demonstration as well,” says Ghorpade.


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