Recyled plastic flakes for making resins

Biocrux India recycling PET bottles for the plastic and paint industry

The first Biocrux bottle crusher machine was installed at Inorbit Mall in the western suburbs of Mumbai

Interestingly, Biocrux is the brainchild of Ajay Mishra, a chartered accountant, who quit his corporate career to start up on his own after the devastating flood in Mumbai in July 2005 left a lasting impression on him. He had seen the consequences of plastic waste choking up the drainage system and causing flash flooding in different parts of the city. A free flowing drainage system would have controlled the damage and destruction caused by the flood to a large extent.

Mishra was soon joined by Asesh Sarkar, a paint industry professional and by 2012 the first Biocrux bottle crusher machine was installed at the Inorbit Mall in the western suburbs of Mumbai. At present, these machines are installed in many public places across Pune and Bengaluru and are likely to be installed in another four or five cities by the end of the financial year. Bisleri, the mineral water major is the first sponsor of the Biocrux machines.

This is an excellent option for treating plastic waste at source and Mishra is confident that this  approach saves a lot of CO2 emission in recycling, reduces transportation costs, saves fuel by 9-10 times in handling of such waste and uses around 66% less water compared to existing plastic recycling processes. These figures need to be seen in the context of many expert suggestions about the need to treat waste at source rather than take them all the way to landfills.

Mishra learnt that municipalities exhaust 70 to 90% of their budget on the logistics of waste clearance. Biocrux bottle crusher machines, that are of the same size as refrigerators, can be easily installed in public places where people can operate them on their own, to crush the PET bottles including the plastic caps they have just used. Operation is just a snap – the bottle just needs to be inserted into an enclosure on the machine which barely takes a few seconds. This way, it gives the user a sense of satisfaction of disposing the PET bottle in the right channel from where it will be recycled properly and not become an open eyesore or even end up in a landfill.

The above article has inputs from a recent story in BusinessLine