Romaco Group to show high technology designs

Emballage Paris November 17 to 21, 2008


Innovative technology for packaging and processing is the focal point of Romaco at this year’s Emballage in Paris, France. The tablet counting machine Bosspak RTC 15 shows Romaco’s competence in accurate tablet counting. The innovative counting technology via the sensor controlled Quad-Count system checks the products from all sides and is even able to sort out damaged tablets.
A further highlight at Emballage is the Unipac tube filler U 2060 for the filling of pharmaceutical and cosmetic ointments. This compact machine is presented in line with the intermittent motion cartoner Promatic P 91 from.

Romaco. Balcony design and servo drives support the ergonomic cartoning machine with an output of up to 100 cartons a minute.

The Romaco blister line composed of the rotary sealing blister machine Noack N 921 and the Promatic PC 4400 cartoner offer top performance for pharmaceutical primary and secondary packaging processes. The rotary sealing blister machine Noack N 921 with its maximum output of up to 500 blisters provides highest productivity on a small footprint. The continuous motion cartoner Promatic PC 4400 with a speed of up to 420 cartons per minute combines fully automatic production processes with ergonomic design. The use of servo motors instead of mechanical drives is a convincing factor of this cartoner.

The FrymaKoruma Vacuum Processing unit Dinex 200 for manufacturing liquids and semi solids has a state of the art homogenizing system based on the rotor stator principle. Short and long loop bypass pipes allow a unique production flexibility regarding batch sizes and optimal adjustments to all process parameters.