Tresu and Flexo Concepts at Labelexpo Brussels

Launch of quick-change plastic doctor blade system


Tresu, a manufacturer of chamber doctor blade systems, and Flexo Concepts have collaborated to introduce a program of plastic doctor blades with specially designed clamping systems that enable fast, safe exchange and easy integration with chamber doctor blades.

Debuting at Labelexpo Europe 2019, Tresu’s XL Blade Holder Series is a range of clamping systems that are specially modified for securing Flexo Concepts’ TruPoint plastic doctor blades. These include ‘E-Line’ eccentric clamping systems, available in thicknesses of up to 1.0 millimeters, and ‘P-Line’ pneumatic clamps, in thicknesses up to 1.25 millimeters. These solutions facilitate blade changes in as little as one minute.

Plastic blades offer safe handling and long life and eliminate the risk of anilox scoring. As a result, they are an alternative to conventional steel blades for applications such as applying coatings to digitally and offset printed labels and packaging, as well as situations where safety is paramount.

Steffan Warming Rasmussen, business development manager, Tresu Americas said, “Plastic blades are significantly thicker than metal ones and require screw systems to secure them. The XL Blade Holder Series, developed by Tresu in collaboration with Flexo Concepts, accommodates the greater thicknesses without awkward screws. This has resulted in a comprehensive program of plastic doctor blades with a fast, safe blade exchange system similar to those used with steel blades. The new solution is compatible with Tresu’s sealed chamber doctor blade systems and also reduces maintenance while enabling cleaner printing at higher speeds.”

The complete range of Flexo Concepts’ plastic doctor blades, together with a compatible clamping system, maybe retrofitted into existing flexo printing units, and are available via Tresu’s Customer Care department and the Tresu Webshop.

Flexo Concepts’ TruPoint Orange offers high-definition printing and features the company’s MicroTip edge that maintains a fine contact area with the anilox. TruPoint Green for corrugated applications provides resistance against mechanical creep.

Tresu chamber doctor blades regulate the flow of ink and coating media to the flexo press with reduced manual intervention. They feature the company’s patented seal system that ensures pressure and flow rates are automatically maintained at desired levels. This prevents air contamination of the chamber and enables foam-free transfer of ink/coating directly to the anilox cells at fast speeds.