World premiere of LILA-II 145 folder-gluer at Competence ’15

Bobst India Open House

The Bobst LILA-II 145 folder-gluer on display. Photo PSA

Reducing press downtimeBieffebi’s mounter with VISIn the last five years, Bieffebi, which produces ancillary machines for the flexographic printing industry, has developed three amongst the most important global patents in the field of mounting machines. These include a pressure roller to remove the air bubbles between a sticky back and sleeve; virtual information system (VIS) which enables the proof without inks; and an automatic digital pre-mount control system (DPCS) through laser which allows the checking of the geometric tolerances of the printable areas and of all the equipment.

Visitors inspecting the new Novacut 106 ER. Photo PSA

With flexo printing gaining momentum in India the need for high-quality prepress has become crucial  to ensure quality print. Plate mounting is one of the most vital areas for flexo printing and having a machine that not only mounts plate but also acts as a quality control equipment and a guide thus making the process simpler helps in saving press downtime and wastage. The Bieffebi plate mounter with the  patented VIS has been installed in India at Huhtamaki PPL, Uflex, Montage Enterprises, Mother Diary, Dynaflex, Kanodia Technoplast, Kalpena Industries and several other companies.