Another Gallus CDI Komori and a brand new plant

Wintek Flexo Print in Bangalore

The Wintek team with the new 10-colour Gallus EM 280 label press

Managing Director of Wintek.
We wrote about Wintek in 2005 when they bought their second Gallus EM 280 — an 8-colour fully UV narrow web flexo press. In February 2008 we saw Wintek’s new plant near completion. In the second week of January 2009 we sent Purva Sethi to Bangalore to have a look at the completed new plant in Pratibha Industrial Estate and talk with Mr. Gururaj Ballarward, Managing Director of Wintek.
Wintek’s third Gallus installed by the company in April 2008, is again an EM 280 – this time a 10-colour label press for UV flexo and water-based printing, rotary screen printing, hot foil stamping, cold-foil printing, and finishing options including varnishing or lamination. The ten units can be used separately or in combination on a quick-change platform, the first of its kind to be installed in the country.

At the time Wintek installed their second Gallus, the company worked mainly for the pharmaceutical sector and planned to target the food and cosmetic label markets. This time round, Mr Gururaj Ballarwad acknowledges that they stuck to their plans and that now some of their bigger clients are in fact from these target segments. Himalaya cosmetics, ITC’s foods division, and Hindustan Unilever are among the new type of customers.

The new Gallus is just part of Wintek move to its own purpose-built 28,000 square foot plant in March 2008 with 120 employees. Winteks’s infrastructure includes three Mark Andy 3-colour machines, a 100% inspection system from AVT, a carton folder gluer and a Suprasetter for offset plates. They have also added sheet fed offset presses including a new Komori S 29 just commissioned in December 2008. Wintek uses this machine for packaging as well, and does not yet have any plan to get into commercial printing.

Wintek’s in house
EskoArtwork CDI Spark

With a considerable battery of narrow web flexo label presses they have added Esko Artwork’s CDI Spark 2120, which specifically addresses the tag and label market. The CDI can image a full size 533 x 508 mm plate in 16 minutes 15 seconds. The CDI flexo digital imager comes with EasyClamp to securely hold down flexo plates of any thickness on the vacuum drum and images plates with variable resolutions from 2000 to 2540 ppi, with screen rulings up to 200 lpi. The CDI Spark 2120 comes with the Adobe certified PostScript 3 FlexRip 2120 on board. It features the Adobe-certified PostScript/PDF input channel with Esko-Graphics’ circular, square round, and elliptical screens. At the India Label Show in New Delhi in December 2008, Wintek won three awards. These were the latest in a long series of international national and international recognitions.

With the advent of the new plant, Wintek is increasingly passing the torch to the next generation. The Wintek partners Shahul, Anand, Bashir and Gururaj are gradually easing their next generation heirs into leadership positions in the company. Gururaj’s message to the next generation at Wintek is to adhere to the company’s winning formula — “maintaining quality and keeping to schedule.” Never compromise on these two factors!