BUBL Tubes from BUBL Packaging protects large, heavy and awkward goods

Reusable and recyclable packaging supplier offers best-ever protection

BUBL Tubes - Box in Box solution

BUBL Packaging, leading suppliers of reusable and recyclable packaging solutions, has recently announced the availability of BUBL Tubes, the latest product in the company’s wide range of protective packaging. BUBL Tubes provide protection for difficult to ship goods – whether they are large, heavy or just awkward; examples already in use include windows, car doors, radiators, pumps, floor tiles, and toilet cisterns.

According to the company, fully customizable for length, film thickness and tube diameter, and with optional branding, BUBL Tubes replace polystyrene blocks and pellets, EPS, Instapak, cardboard spacers and virtually all other heavy-duty protective packaging products.

BUBL Tubes – Box lining solution

BUBL Tubes enclose products in air-filled tubes, keeping them totally safe in storage and in transit. They are claimed to be reusable, recyclable and quick and simple to inflate and use. They can be inflated manually using compressed air or by using the company’s auto-inflation system.

The new product claims to enable BUBL Packaging to create perfect custom packaging; customers just need to supply product dimensions and weight. Tubes are 200milimeter to 1200milimeter in length, 40milimeter to 90milimeter in diameter and come in a range of film thicknesses up to 200 microns. They are supplied as a single roll of film and can be perforated or unperforated – just tear or cut to size.

BUBL Packaging now has a wide range of products that are reusable and recyclable, and there are solutions for everything from mobile phones and TVs to rare wines and antiques – and now with BUBL Tubes even industrial products can be completely protected during transit and storage, says the press release.

BUBL products are supplied uninflated so the demand for warehouse space is dramatically reduced; they are simple and quick to inflate, dramatically reducing packing times compared to traditional packaging. According to the company, taken together, reduced pack times, transit damage, storage and shipping costs mean significant savings.

Ross Woodburn, managing director at BUBL Packaging, said, “We have seen a surge in demand for a solution to protect large and heavy industrial products; BUBL Tubes offer our highest possible level of protection as they are made from very strong, recyclable plastic – if you’ve tried everything else and still get damage or breakages then BUBL Tubes are the answer.”

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