Holography and engineering business verticals showcase solutions in Mumbai

Uflex’s automatic pick fill seal machine at Intelpack

At the recently concluded Intelpack 2017 in Mumbai, Uflex’s holography and engineering business verticals  marked their presence and displayed some of their advanced solutions for the visitors. The engineering business showcased the automatic pick fill seal (PFS) machine for packing food items in solid, liquid and powder form.

According to Ajay Tandon, president and chief executive officer of Uflex’s engineering business, the PFS machine showed at Intelpack is an improvement on the previous model in terms of better aesthetics, lower rejection rate and reduced noise levels. Since the machine can pack liquids, Uflex will also target customers in the edible oil industry.
The Uflex PFS machine is fully automatic, intermittent motion, 10-station rotary indexing filling and sealing machine. It can fill and seal center seal pouches, three-side seal pouches, stand-up pouches and zipper pouches, among others. The machine can be provided with various dozing systems. It features a mechanical robotic system offering close loop smart control, which ensures the pertinent operation: no pick—no fill—and no seal. This causes almost negligible wastage.

Uflex Intelpack1

Uflex’s holography division team

In the holography business, Uflex displayed its brand security solutions which help customers understand and appreciate what is genuine and what is counterfeit packaging of the product.

Sanjeev Sharma, deputy general manager – sales, holography business, Mumbai office said, “These solutions have innovative features which are easy to understand but almost impossible to be copied.” The solutions can be used by customers in the auto, FMCG, pharma, publishing and documentation authentication industries. In the packaging industry, players in flexible packaging, cartons and label industry can use these solutions alike.

Uflex’s holography business’ products range from holograms, holographic scratch, holographic wads, self-adhesive labels, printed labels to holographic paper labels, holographic strips, holographic pouches, holographic films, hsf foil, glitter film, sequins films, hot melt film, fancy yarn films and security documents among several others.


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