Innovative packaging solutions by Uflex for Rasna

New Rasna packaging combines aesthetics with functionality


Rasna International, manufacturers and exporters of beverages, has teamed up with Uflex to create a unique packaging solution for its fruit powder concentrate. In order to accomplish the task, Uflex has come up with spouted profile stand-up pouches with a side handle carrying Rasna fruit powder concentrate, thus adding a pleasant look to retail shelves not only in India but also overseas.

4-tier packaging
Explaining the concept behind the new packaging, Arun Anand, executive vice president marketing at Uflex Packaging said, “Fruit powder concentrate is extremely hygroscopic. The powder has to be immaculately protected from moisture. Rasna wanted something very unique, enunciating strong customer pull at the point-of-sale (POS). We created a four-tier profiled packaging structure comprising polyester/aluminum foil/polyester/polyethylene. While the foil imparts perfect barrier to water vapor and oxygen, we have incorporated two layers of polyester in the structure to lend sturdiness to the pouch carrying 750 grams of powder concentrate ensuring that the side handle does not snap while holding the pack. In this hourglass-shaped profile pack, the handle has been provided with the help of a high-precision tool on our sophisticated pouch-making machine. This handle is formed inline and is pretty much a part of the overall torso of the pouch, making this packaging quite unique.

The importance of aesthetics in FMCG remains paramount; therefore, intricate profiling of the pouch has been done by the design engineers at Uflex. Rasna International banked upon our capabilities in making the pouch shape much more enticing for consumers at the POS. Rasna’s stand-up spouted pouch with side handle and a bottom gusset is an 8-colored rotogravure printed job with the inks manufactured by our Chemicals Business. High performance adhesives also manufactured at Uflex Chemicals ensure high bond strength. The rotogravure cylinder has also been manufactured in-house. We have a specialized, high caliber pouch making machine that is capable of rendering various profile shapes to the packs ensuring uniform and fool-proof seal-integrity to protect the fruit powder concentrate.

The dispensing spout has been fused with the laminate using extremely high precision equipment under optimized temperature and pressure coordinates to ensure that the fusion is fool proof. The spout paves way for immense convenience to the consumers in pouring out just the required quantity of fruit powder concentrate to make a perfect and refreshing drink.”

Combination of aesthetics and functionalities
Talking about the unique packaging manufactured by Uflex, Piruz Khambatta, chairman and managing director, Rasna Private Limited said, “Millennials who now form the most significant cohort of the global consumer demographics have grown up drinking Rasna as their favourite refreshing drink. Our association with Uflex is over two decades old and we are very glad that the packaging engineers at the company worked closely with our merchandizers to create a unique packaging for our fruit powder concentrate with an eclectic combination of aesthetics and pack functionalities upholding the ethos of brand Rasna. The new packs look terrific on the retail shelves. We cherish our relationship with Uflex and look forward to exciting times ahead.”

Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman and managing director, Uflex Limited, commenting on the packaging said, “Packaging is the skin for a brand. Not only this skin represents the characteristics of the product but also resonates with the underlying spirit of the Brand. Being fully integrated flexible packaging materials and solution company, my engineers across various verticals in perfect collaboration with each other developed a functionally deft and visually striking packaging solution celebrating the persona of brand Rasna.”

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