KHS introduces new cost and energy efficient labelling machine

Innoket Neo labelling machine
Innoket Neo labelling machine

KHS GmbH, a food packaging equipment supplier, is introducing the Innoket Neo labelling series for manufacturers of small batches and producers with a higher amount of brand variety or SKU’s. The machine is said to open new opportunities for marketing and flexibility in production while reducing warehouse capacities and saving energy.

Most of the decisions to buy any product are taken up during the time of sale. The product presentation makes a huge impact on the buying decision of a consumer compelling producers to come with visually attractive product design. The Innoket Neo makes it possible to order unprinted cans within a much shorter period enabling easier logistics processes than before. Cornelius Adolf, labelling product manager of KHS, says, “We have expanded our existing portfolio to include can labelling to give the customer more design options and enable these designs to be implemented faster with smaller warehouse capacities.”

Wrap-around labels with optical alignment

The Innoket Neo can be used to apply self-adhesive film or paper labels. Here, the container can be either partly or fully wrapped with a label – including optical alignment making it look more attractive. “The look and feel are unique,” says Adolf about new adhesive film formation. This technology will help the beverage producers respond faster to the rapidly growing variety of products and labels in the market. The system will also help in changing the logo on cans within a short span of time. Adolf further explains, “Customers can even print their own labels. This considerably shortens the time to market. An attractive product is a clear distinguishing criterion at the point of sale.” Since, a higher number of cans can be purchased without varying motifs, the overall cost is reduced.

The space-saving machine with its 14 can plates driven by servomotors comes from the established Innoket Neo module system and gives manufacturers of small batches and producers with a great variety of brands many benefits. The new machinery possesses a high level of energy efficiency reducing the power consumption to 5 kilowatts per hour. As many as 35,000 cans (full or empty) can be labelled per hour.

Suitable can filler supplement

Brewdog, a brewery in Scotland, is already using the new labelling technology along with the KHS can filler machine. “We draw on decades of experience when developing systems for our customers and take heed of the changed demands and conditions governing the entire filling and packaging process,” says Adolf.

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