Maharashtra Metal Works promoting tin packaging in Indian sweets segment

Aerosol Expo 2019 in Mumbai

Nakash Vasaya of Maharashtra Metal Works at Aerosol Expo 2019.

Mumbai-based Maharashtra Metal Works, manufacturer of tin and plastic packaging solutions, is looking to promote and popularize metal packaging applications in the Indian traditional sweets segment, company’s quality manager Nakash Vasaya said during the Aerosol Expo 2019 which took place in Mumbai on 28 February and 1 March.

Although metal cans have now become popular in the premium chocolates and biscuits segments in in India, traditional Indian sweets, especially items like pedhas and ladoos, are still packed in cartons or rigid boxes. But, according to Vasaya, many customers are now shifting to tin boxes for their premium products; Mishra Pedhas is one such example, he adds. “We are talking with more brands for solutions like this.”

“The packaging in the traditional sweet segment is witnessing gradual premiumization and we are continuously engaging with our customers to generate new ideas. Some of our customers have already adopted tin can packaging for certain items sweets. We will further work towards making this popular,” says Vasaya.

Maharashtra Metal Works is engaged in the manufacture, supply and export of aerosol tin cans, round cans, round and rectangle tin cans, general and customized tin cans and HDPE bottles and containers. These tin cans are completely recyclable and environmentally friendly. Aerosol tin cans are used to pack items such as shaving foam, room fresheners, deodorants and insecticides, while non-aerosol tin cans are used to pack edible oils, paints, chemicals, chocolates, biscuits and dry fruits.

The company has a capacity to produce 700,000 to 800,000 cans per month for aerosol applications while it produces about 300,000 cans meant for non-aerosol applications. It has a plant in Gujarat where printing takes place on the metal sheet, which is then transported to its Vasai plant where the converting process into cans happens.

Commenting on the outlook of the industry, Vasaya says that the tin can packaging industry is growing at about 5-6% annually and this trend is expected to continue.

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