OHIO’s Hybrid Engraving wins 2016 Golden Cylinder Award

Recognition for technical achievement


OHIO’s Hybrid Engraving System is named for its ability to mix traditional electro-mechanical engraving with a method more like chemical etch, on the same machine, in one operation. Instead of being restricted to the standard grid defined by the screen, cells engraved with Hybrid are moved to create a smoother edge and sharper lines. The Hybrid cells are shaped like traditional cells so there is no loss of ink volume, which means printers have little or no adjustments to make. Hybrid also helps to keep the engraving sizes more consistent with the original artwork. The Hybrid Engraving System is available for Spectrum and Prism engravers from OHIO Gravure Technologies.

The Golden Cylinder is awarded annually by the Gravure Association of the Americas at the fall conference. The competition is intended to promote the gravure process and to provide peer recognition for technical achievement.