Rossini closes 7 deals at Indiaplast 2019

Rossini to go for expansion in 2019

Ashvin Hebbar, sales director of Rossini India at Indiaplast 2019.

At Indiaplast 2019, Rossini displayed a range of equipment at its stand. It was a well thought-out decision by the company to participate in the exhibition. The company anticipated high footfalls at its stand at the show. “Speaking on behalf of Rossini, I’d like to say that the footfalls and the customers, both new and old, coming to our stand was a treat to watch. The show provided us an exceptional networking opportunity. I’m sure we’ll participate in the show next time as well,” says Ashvin Hebbar, sales director of Rossini.

At the show, the company targetted OEMs and machine manufacturers, Indian as well as European. The company also managed to crack a few deals. Representatives of Rossini were in touch with their prospects for the last one or one-and-a-half months and at the show closed nearly seven deals. “We’re displaying all the specialized rubber rollers right from printing and lamination to transfer rollers and nip rollers. Recently, we’ve developed a new rubber compound for inking rollers. It is 20-25% toluene resistant. We’re supplying to many customers in India and our inking rollers have been a great success. Coming to the flexo side, most of the developments are happening with Rossini group in flexo because flexo is a growing industry worldwide and in India. The testament to this fact is that in this exhibition, you may see almost about two or three local Indian machine manufacturers who have built flexo machines. That speaks volumes of the trend in flexo. At the stand we have displayed the new Star Coat sleeve, the new carbon fiber carrier sleeve and the honeycoat sleeve,” Hebbar shares.

The main idea of the sleeve is to have weight reduction. The weight reduction is in the range of almost 30-40% with the newly designed sleeves from Rossini, says Hebbar.

Rossini had a successful 2018 and Rossini India has started supplying to all the South Asian countries such as Thailand, China and Singapore. The company looks to increase capacity in 2019 by adding more grinding machines at its unit. Overall, the company looks to increase its business share by 25-30% in 2019.

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