PetPlast India launches 6,000 bottles/hr machine at Plastasia 2017

marketing manager

Faridabad-based PetPlast India is a well-known player in the PET blowing machinery sector. With branches in Kolkata, Madurai and Chennai, the company is particularly focused on after-sales service, which has now become a hallmark of PetPlast India.

At Plastasia 2017, held in July this year, Packaging South Asia met a busy and seemingly happy Ashish Narang, marketing manager, PetPlast India, who was savoring every bit of the successful three days for his company at the event. Talking about his experience at the show, Narang shared about closing a few big deals with some major customers in the industry. Narang asserted that his company is just harvesting the gains of “a lot of investment” that went into research, development and purchase of critical technology that gave their fully automatic petblow molding machine, launched at the Plastasia show and also displayed on their stand, a clear edge over other machines in the same category.

On display was PetPlast India’s four cavity fully pneumatic machine, which can produce up to 6,000 bottles per hour and has a cycle time of 3.25 seconds. In the 500 ml water bottle segment, weighing 19 grams, generally other machines in the market cannot make more than 3,600 bottles an hour. In that sense, PetPlast India’s pneumatic machine is a unique one which is at the top of its segment. A lot of research went into the making of the machine, which works on multiple systems to move the preform for loading and stretching. “This is rather beneficial for customers as they will save a lot on per bottle cost of production,” shared Narang.

He said that the machine has been upgraded with technological improvements following PetPlast India’s technological tie-up with B&R of Austria. The tie-up helped second line improvements in the machine’s motion control system. Hence, along with multiple server systems, the machine also features excellent air recovery system wherein it recovers a large part of the air that goes out via exhaust and then recycles it as low pressure air. The other notable feature of this machine is remote monitoring of workflow via a mobile app.

PetPlast India is a nine year old company based in Faridabad, Haryana and has grown fast enough to become a well-known player in PET blowing machinery sector. It has branches in Kolkata, Madurai and Chennai and is particularly focused on after sales service which has now become a hallmark of this fast-growing company.


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