SP Ultraflex will show the latest version of ROBOSLIT at Plastindia 2018

New Delhi

For Mumbai-based SP Ultraflex, Plastindia 2018 will be the third edition in a row where they will showcase their flagship model, ROBOSLIT dual turret slitter rewinder, in its various stages of evolution. The show, being held at Gandhinagar from 7 to 12 February 2018, will see the latest avatar of the ROBOSLIT, with higher speeds, faster set-ups, enhanced finished reels quality and increased reel handling capacities.

The first cut of the ROBOSLIT was displayed at the Plastindia 2012 exhibition in New Delhi, even as the debugging process was underway. The objective, which was to introduce the concept of dual turret slitter rewinders in the sub-continent, was largely met, with many visitors expressing their interest to see the machine in action, delivering twice as much output as the duplex slitter rewinder, as claimed by SP Ultraflex.

In the years that followed, the prototype of the ROBOSLIT underwent a series of iterations and by the time the updated version was displayed in Plastindia 2015, the design was by and large standardized and the machine had been taken into commercial production. What’s more, a couple of early installations brought further feedback for improvements. Plastindia 2015 saw the machine running flawlessly at 600 meters per minute, twice a day, on all six days of the show. Incidentally, the company also celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015.


The core team of SP Ultraflex with the ROBOSLIT at their stand in Plastindia 2015, Gandhinagar

Since Plastindia 2015, the speed of the ROBOSLIT series has been increased to 800 meters per minute. Furthermore, to address diverse preferences with respect to layouts, the series has been categorized into three, well-differentiated models, namely the ROBOSLIT RL (Rear loading), the ROBOSLIT OHP (Overhead path) and the ROBOSLIT FSU (Free standing unwind). In the last three years, as many as eighteen machines have been installed in different parts of India and overseas, as more and more customers realize the advantages of dual turret technology.

After seeing the initial skepticism during Plastindia 2012 giving way to appreciation in the 2015 edition, Plastindia 2018 is being viewed by SP Ultraflex as an ideal platform to respond to the industry’s demand for more with the launch of the latest version of the ROBOSLIT, a name that has become synonymous with dual turret technology in the sub-continent.


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