Trends and developments in the Middle East packaging market

Ron Ellis of Idealliance

With changing consumer trends, regulations and drive towards sustainability, there is a huge impact on packaging professionals to innovate and evolve materials, designs and technologies for safe products for their consumers. From pharmaceutical packaging advancements such as implementing 2D data matrix to food packaging for changing consumer trends to smaller packages, innovation is a priority for all packaging buyers and providers. According to reports, Middle East has one of the highest GDP per capita, so the consumers have more disposable income to spend on eCommerce retail, luxury retail and retail in stores.

Food represents the largest end use sector for packaging products accounting for a projected 33.8% market value share in 2014. Industrial/bulk is the second largest sector with 26.4%, followed by beverage markets with 25.2%. Food and drink packaging sales are predicted to grow their market share further over the forecast period with industrial/bulk also growing steadily. The healthcare sector, however, is expected to show the fastest growth. Products such as pouches, multiple compartment trays and clamshell packs are used to package large medical devices, syringes, etc. The managing of medical devices is guided by strict regulations as these devices are sterilized.

The Middle East Packaging Summit 2017 is aimed at offering a deeper understanding of the trends and developments in the Middle East packaging market and the importance of equity packaging in the region.

The two-day event will also include a workshop on the world-renowned G7 color management by Idealliance USA, specifically for packaging and print professionals. Partakers will be introduced to key concepts that can help them manage quality and improve the efficiency of their supply chain. The conference will include presentations that will introduce new materials and technologies that form the perfect recipe for packaging innovations at an optimal cost.

Guests will get a chance to interact with Ron Ellis, Idealliance, Muzammil Hashmi, RB, Kaunain Shahidi, Almarai, Thomas Schneider, World Packaging Organization (WPO), Anita Budiman, Mars, Atiullah Khan, and Tabuk Pharmaceuticals among others. The upcoming summit will be held on 18 and 19 September 2017 in Dubai and is supported by World Packaging Organization and NVC-Netherlands Packaging Centre.


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