Tru Tag Wins Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award for 2017


Tru Tag Technologies Inc. has been designated the winner of Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Innovation Award for 2017 based on their analysis of the product authentication market.

TruTags, a silicon dioxide particle-based microtag enables users and customers to authenticate, identify and track products across the entire supply chain by generating a special and unique optical signature. The microtags can be applied on a variety of end-use products like healthcare, food and beverages, consumer goods and electronics to address problems of counterfeiting, product diversion, quality incidents and product recalls.

Trutag etches silicon dioxide particles in batches to create combinations of nano-pores of customized shape and depth which reflect light at discrete and selected wave-lengths. Each microtag thus generates a unique, identifiable and extremely secure optical signature that can be read and authenticated by a special portable reader. These special spectral codes can be used to track and manage information on a product level as well as batch/country/distributor levels. As silicon dioxide is certified by the USFDA as fit for human consumption, they can also be directly incorporated into the products themselves. The particles are biocompatible and biodegradable and can withstand temperatures of almost 1,000 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for chemical processing and formulations of coatings with polymers/plastics. Researchers are now exploring the use of these particles in sustained or controlled drug release and in-vivo drug delivery. TruTag technology is scalable and can be tailored for diverse customer requirements.


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