Tube making solutions from Aisa Automation at Plastindia 2018


Switzerland-based Aisa Automation, a member of SIH Group, manufactures machines for producing laminated tubes and seamless plastic tubes. It has over 960 machines installed globally with 50 installations in India at some of the biggest tube manufacturers. The company has an assembly unit in Pune as well as a sales and services team there.

At Plastindia 2018, Aisa Automation highlighted two technologies from its portfolio: Decoplas and Decoseam.

Decoplas is a technology developed by Aisa Automation which combines standard plastic tube extrusion with labelling decoration. The Decoplas tubes have high bounce-back property and can be valuable for users who want decoration and logistics advantages of the label in a tube format with the feel and touch of an extruded tube.

Decoseam, a side seaming technology, can offer full 360° printability while still complying  with all established tube performance criteria, including both mechanical and barrier properties. This technology can offer greater visual impact, uninterrupted 360° design integrity and can be implemented on multilayer barrier structures.

“This is a gamechanger as in the cosmetics industry it is now a must to have 360° printing,” says Driss Nhari, area sales manager, Aisa Automation.

Talking about the experience at Plastindia, Nhari says, “We met potential customers, suppliers and even our competitors. The experience was better than expected.”


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