B&R showcases MAPP and MAPP View at Plastindia 2018

sales manager of B&R Industrial Automation

Austria-headquartered B&R Automation was founded is a manufacturer of automation technology and specializes in machine and factory control systems. In addition to scalable complete systems, B&R also offers individual components. The company believes in offering trendsetting solutions with economic efficiency.

At Plastindia this year, B&R focused on providing smart solutions to industries. The company offered controllers for injection molding and blow molding machines. “In factories or in a typical plant, to be precise, there are a number of individual machines installed. The need of the market in most of the scenarios these days is to connect all the machines to a centralized server. With Aprol, customers can now connect different machines on various field buses, collect the data and then connect to the central ERP or MES systems,” said Dinesh Mungi, sales manager of B&R Industrial Automation.

In addition to controllers, B&R showcased MAPP, a software that comprises of function blocks that simplify the development of new programs and reduce development time for new machines and systems by approximately 67%.

The company also offered MAPP View, an HTML-based visualization solution. With MAPP View, users can modify their machine sequence from HMI and set different profiles.

“We are looking at end users who are in search of innovative solutions. We are also in the lookout for machine builders who are keen to accept these solutions. The plastics industry is booming and we have come to the event with high expectations. Automation has become an integral part of industrial businesses and I see healthy growth prospects for us in the future,” Mungi concluded.


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