Uflex launches new products at Indiaplast 2019

All seven divisions of Uflex under one roof

Sachin Dahake of Uflex Cylinders Division at Indiaplast 2019 in Greater Noida.

After a long time, Uflex represented as a brand altogether at Indiaplast 2019 exhibition as all the 7 divisions of the company participated in the show. The strength of Uflex is its backward integration. The end product is printed laminates but apart from that, the company makes inks, adhesives, gravure printing cylinders, flexo plates, printing machines, lamination machines, different types of films and many other machines for packaging applications.

Uflex Cylinders Division launches metallic dies

The most important aspect of our participation this time around is environmental sustainability. There is a lot of misinterpretation about multi-layer laminated packaging. People think it is not recyclable. However, we are giving practical evidence to visitors at the show that multi-layered laminated flexible packaging film is recyclable though its constituents are various kinds of films, aluminum foil, inks and adhesives,” says Sachin Dahake, deputy general manager – Marketing, Cylinders Division of Uflex.

The cylinder and flexo division of the company launched metallic dies at Indiaplast 2019. “We can make metallic dyes using flatbed and rotary dies as well. The common use of metallic dies is in the label industry. Printers find extensive use of metallic dies in hot foil stamping. They can use these dies for transfering metal from the foil to the stock. Basically, it is a combined effect of applying temperature and pressure. It gives a distinct look to the label besides working as a security feature. It is extremely popular now-a-days and is in great demand,” Dahake says.

Uflex Chemicals Business launches its new adhesive

The chemicals business of Uflex launched new products for flexible packaging, including the universal laminating solvent-less adhesive 777 A&C which is mixed in a 1:1 ratio and works perfectly for all the products. This has esecially been designed for high-speed lamination machines. The machine has been indegeneously developed for the R&D center. “One need not change the mixing ratios for different structures and it works extremely well with metallized films, which is very fast and we’re getting good leads to simplify convertors’ processes which in turn can save a lot of time. In addition, we’re launching sheetfed UV inks. This product was launched as a part of our strategy to expand our portfolio. We’re working aggresively at the qualification of water-based inks as well,” says Rajesh Srivastava, vice president – Sales & Marketing, Chemicals Business of Uflex.