Valco Melton displays its new EcoStitch guns at PackPlus ’17


Valco Melton, well known for its adhesive dispensing systems, has been been updating and improvising over the years. At PackPlus 2017, held from 3 to 6 August 2017 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, Packaging South Asia met Ravi Kiran, director, Valco Melton India, for a brief discussion on the company’s display of EcoStitch all-electric guns at the show. The EcoStitch is a new technology that replaces the previously used lines by zipper-like dots, offering the same results but saving up to 70% adhesive outflow. The company has also started manufacturing D4E tanks in India, which is part of its all-electric hot melt system.

Kiran said that Valco Melton has acquired an Italian company, ERO, which manufactures cold glue systems and quality assurance systems for the carton and corrugated industry. “We are displaying the ERO adhesive system along with a simulator so that we can prepare samples for our customers. Also on display are all standard, compatible spare parts for hot melt and cold glue systems. We have our own special diaphragm designed for the corrugated industry, which is a one-of-a-kind of diaphragm that can automatically and electronically reverse the pressure. We supply these diaphragms to the corrugated market,” he said.

The acquisition of ERO has also strengthened Valco Melton’s portfolio. “We now have almost the entire product range that the market is demanding today, for example, the basic system for the folding carton industry, basic gluing system for the corrugated industry and advanced camera-based inspection system to inspect whether the gluing has taken place or not. In addition, the bar codes and the color codes can be inspected, and one can also check if the fold has deviated from the given line. The substrate will automatically get ejected from the line in case of any inconsistency.”

Beaming at the positive response that Valco Melton received at the show, Kiran said, “We received many queries on a wide range of applications right from the opening day of the event. This is a pleasant surprise because normally we see good customers turning up on the penultimate day.” He pointed out Valco Melton’s strong foothold in the corrugated and hot glue market, which received further boost at the PackPlus event. Valco Melton’s folding carton equipment are on high demand in emerging markets like India, Mexico and others. The volumes are big in these markets and Kiran is working towards tapping them more aggressively.

Voicing his opinion on the impact of GST on Valco Melton’s business in India, Kiran said, “As far as GST is concerned, we have welcomed it as we have been waiting for precisely this kind of a tax system to replace what used to be a very complex system in India. GST has simplified the taxation structure to a large extent and it will only become simpler with time. In the short run, the smaller businesses will struggle to adjust but going ahead, GST will be beneficial for all.”


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