Vision extension for flexible packaging

DG press ServiceS

DG press SeviceS and Abaker Printing Company, Saudi Arabia, have come to an agreement to modify a Vision printing press. The decision was made based on the changing market of the printing industry in which the demand for (flexible) packaging is increasing more and more.

The machine was manufactured for the production of business forms. The modular design of printing presses offers the opportunity to change the configuration to allow printing on other substrates. In this case, the machine dedicated to the production of business forms will be modified to a machine for flexible packaging. This will be done by integrating the required modules for web tension and combining flexo and offset printing techniques for the highest printing quality on flexible substrates.

For those looking at entering a different market segment with their Vision printing press, they can can contact DG press SeviceS to understand their modification solutions. In many cases there is no need to start looking for a new printing press as the possibilities of modifying a printing press for other substrates or market segments are endless.


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