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Esko WebCenter 18

webcenter 18

Esko has announced a major new release of its packaging management solution, WebCenter. WebCenter 18 streamlines and speeds up the packaging development workflow by delivering extra features that give brand owners and converters more control and visibility of their packaging preproduction specification, approval and project life cycle.

Packaging professionals feel it takes an average of about 198 days to make a packaging change. Marketing leaders think it takes 90 days or less, but consumers don’t understand why packaging changes and other physical media can’t be made in one day. WebCenter 18 helps its users to get much closer to that one-day ideal.

Helping brand owners create better packaging faster
Esko’s WebCenter helps brand owners manage packaging pre-production specifications and project life cycles, enabling them to engage with the consumer by letting them have more control and visibility of the entire packaging design project.

The review and approval process with WebCenter has been improved, enabling more visibility into project status and reviewer input. With WebCenter 18, brand owners now understand the root causes of any bottlenecks, as it now captures the reasons for rejection and the number of approval iterations, allowing for ongoing process improvement. It can also automatically involve the right stakeholder after a rejection, speeding up the revision process.

In fact, reviewers can now review the product exactly as it would be on the shelf. This improves the accuracy of the review feedback and so further reduce approval times and number of iterations. The 3D packaging models can then also be used to clearly communicate internally, but also to populate and market with retailers and consumers online.

WebCenter18.0 content management now includes built-in and custom templates, so users efficiently comply with regulations such as Nutrition Fact Tables and Over the Counter Drug Facts. The Graphic Content Management functionality allows brand owners to centralize artwork data, and merge it into templates, including the logging of symbols, logos and barcodes, as well as packaging copy and graphics. These elements must be perfect for branding and regulatory compliance, and this process completely removes manual processes that lead to mistakes. Translations within and outside of the system can be managed systematically as well.

Driving process improvement at converters
The new WebCenter gives converters an edge by including exactly those new features that give them valuable insights into their processes. Capturing data around the number of approval iterations and the reasons for rejections are only two examples of how WebCenter 18 uncovers bottlenecks and root causes of delays in the process. These insights provide a basis for continuous improvement of the processes to further speed up turnaround times.

WebCenter 18 also comes with a social media-like instant messaging function, which can be utilized inside the context of a specific project. All communication is therefore stored inside the project for full traceability and transparency. This further streamlines communication between stakeholders and results in a greater reduction of errors and increased efficiency.

Reviewers can even review the product exactly as it would be on the shelf.  The 3D review process significantly reduces approval time and iterations and lets converters catch more errors. This, in turn, provides a unique differentiator to brand owner customers, allowing them to really ‘see’ the proposed packaging.

Deploying in only 5 days delivers immediate business impact after
The ‘QuickStart’ versions of WebCenter are available to allow organizations to implement the tool in less than 5 days with proven and expert workflows ready to use. This way the ‘QuickStart’ versions deliver instant benefits in project management, data management, the approval process and data automation.

“Packaging is an ever more important part of almost all consumer goods, from food to electronics, and it plays an even greater role as consumer awareness and demand increases. WebCenter is already the leading packaging management platform used by Fortune 500 companies that are active in the CPG and pharma industries, as well as converters and packaging printers. The feedback from our early users has been overwhelmingly positive. With this new version, Esko has the most powerful solution that ties the entire supply chain together,” says Udo Panenka, president of Esko.

WebCenter 18 is available from 17 April 2018. Every new system will have the new version installed upon release. Existing customers will be updated following customers’ request; this is to ensure they can prepare for internal training and rollout.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the country-wide lockdown on 25 March 2020. It will be two years tomorrow as I write this. What have we learned in this time? Maybe the meaning of resilience since small companies like us have had to rely on our resources and the forbearance of our employees as we have struggled to produce our trade platforms.

The print and packaging industries have been fortunate, although the commercial printing industry is still to recover. We have learned more about the digital transformation that affects commercial printing and packaging. Ultimately digital will help print grow in a country where we are still far behind in our paper and print consumption and where digital is a leapfrog technology that will only increase the demand for print in the foreseeable future.

Web analytics show that we now have readership in North America and Europe amongst the 90 countries where our five platforms reach. Our traffic which more than doubled in 2020, has at times gone up by another 50% in 2021. And advertising which had fallen to pieces in 2020 and 2021, has started its return since January 2022.

As the economy approaches real growth with unevenness and shortages a given, we are looking forward to the PrintPack India exhibition in Greater Noida. We are again appointed to produce the Show Daily on all five days of the show from 26 to 30 May 2022.

It is the right time to support our high-impact reporting and authoritative and technical information with some of the best correspondents in the industry. Readers can power Packaging South Asia’s balanced industry journalism and help sustain us by subscribing.

– Naresh Khanna

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  1. Esko’s Web Center is catching on now in India also. Both brand owners and converters are starting to buy into it for the design and production workflow and digital asset management.

  2. Esko’s Web Center is catching on now in India also. Both brand owners and converters are starting to buy into it for the design and production workflow and digital asset management.


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