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Sustainability of the label printer is the biggest question – Manish KapoorNilpeter aims at 100% growth in the Indian marketThe Indian label industry has witnessed much change over the years. But some things never change. One of them has always been the fear of rising costs. At the LMAI Conference, one of the critical presentations was delivered by Manish Kapoor, manager – sales of Nilpeter India, where he spoke of the efficient and better practices that any label printer can adopt to reduce and lower costs and yet produce more with better profits.L – R: Alan Baretto, MD and Manish Kapoor, country head – sales of Nilpeter India at the LMAI Conference. Photo PSAThe Indian label industry is facing a few challenges and there have been reports from a section of the printers that the overall growth rate is not matching their expectation. However, Kapoor emphasizes the virtues of thinking out of the box. Speaking to Packaging South Asia he said, “The biggest challenge is the sustainability of a label printer. It is very essential to note that for any label printer to survive, sustain and grow consistently in the future is only be possible if he does not stagnate. The overall pie is of course getting bigger but if anyone is not willing to think ahead of the curve then it cannot be blamed on the dynamics of the industry.”

Plans for Labelexpo Europe 2015
Nilpeter has big plans for Labelexpo Europe. Apart from the bigger, faster and better versions of its regular flexo presses, Nilpeter is going to show a complete digital label press for the first time at the show. The press combines Nilpeter’s expertise in web handling with advanced inkjet technology based on Screen’s digital print system and workflow. Nilpeter has adapted several of its inline finishing modules for digital production which include a web in-feed, varnishing unit, the innovative QC-Diecutting system, smart matrix stripping, length slitting, varnishing unit and small roll dual rewinds. A mark sensor allows the precise reinserting of webs for reverse printing, or overprinting of preprinted webs, including variable data – readily usable technology for the customer. The FA 4 flexo press will also be shown at the show.

As far as the Indian market is concerned, the presses are getting bigger and bigger says Kapoor. “People are starting to look out of the box. Nilpeter is mostly shipping 10-color presses. Even if customers are opting for 8-color presses, they are ordering some sort of a high-end combination such as a re-pass system. Printers are not looking for plain-jane presses any more. The gravure process has also found a lot of acceptance in the market where customers are wanting to integrate the gravure process either in the beginning, the middle or at the end of the press for different types of applications.”

Kapoor said that the current financial year has been very good so far with Nilpeter India being able to ship at least one press every month. With the recent expansion and upgradation of the production capacity, Nilpeter India has been able to meet and increase its sales targets, adding, “We are targetting at least 12 press sales this year.” This would translate into a neat 100% growth in installs in the current financial year.