PPG non-BPA coatings for China’s JDB herbal tea

PPG Innovel non-BPA food contact coatings for beverage cans

JDB herbal tea
JDB herbal tea is considered a national treasure in China

On 20 July 2020, PPG announced that China’s JDB Group has selected PPG Innovel non-bisphenol A (non-BPA) coatings for beverage cans for its iconic Jia Duo Bao (JDB) herbal tea. PPG, along with the JDB Group’s beverage can and end manufacturers, worked closely to select and test a coatings solution that met Chinese and international packaging standards for food contact materials to enable the brand’s expansion beyond the Chinese market.

Rigorous testing conducted by the State Key Testing Laboratory of Food Contact Materials in Changzhou, China, confirmed that the PPG Innovel internal and Easy-Open-Ends coatings complied with regulations in China, the European Union, Japan, and the United States. “JDB’s growth goal is to maintain traditions while continuously innovating,” said Zhenguo Pang, JDB’s general manager for quality management. “The partnership with PPG was an important step in upgrading our packaging with non-BPA coatings to meet international standards and better serve both domestic and overseas consumers.”

In addition to being non-BPA, PPG Innovel interior spray coatings and Easy-Open-End coatings solutions provide flavor-neutral properties, effective sterilization resistance, excellent flexibility, and a good application window for aluminum beverage cans. The coatings cover a variety of beverage weight specifications and run efficiently on can makers’ production lines.

“Non-BPA coatings are used extensively in Europe and the Americas, and PPG’s non-BPA coatings meet the most demanding regulations in these regions,” said Jens Brackebusch, PPG general manager, Asia Pacific. “PPG is committed to helping ensure the JDB Group, which is a pioneer in the use of non-BPA coatings in China, has a smooth transition in implementing the coatings.”

JDB herbal tea is considered a national treasure in China, with its formula included in the first national Intangible Cultural Heritage of China list. Since 2003, PPG has helped the JDB Group with a variety of metal packaging coatings solutions. The packaging solutions have helped JDB Group to create and market a variety of herbal tea drinks. The non-bisphenol A coatings from PPG facilitate the brand’s international expansion by meeting food contact materials standards.

PPG is a global company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States with numerous office and manufacturing sites in the Asia Pacific region. It has several R&D and manufacturing sites in China. In India, it has a manufacturing site for automotive coating in Pondicherry. It also has a joint venture with Asian Paints.


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