Pentawards World Packaging Design Competition

Diamond and Platinum Award Winners 2008


Diamond Award Winner – Best of the Show
Brand: Piper Heidsieck — Rosé Sauvage by Viktor and Rolf
Entrant: Sleever International
Country: France

A bottle that rests on the neck, the neck and front labels and cap foil reversed!

“How do you do something new with something timeless? We had only one answer: reverse the proportions.” This is how the two Dutch fashion designers Viktor & Rolf express it. And it is exactly this simple but oh-so-creative idea that won over the international jury of the Pentawards, the first worldwide competition devoted uniquely to packaging design. For in fact, if there is indeed a domain in which tradition reigns, it is that of champagne. So the designers kept all the traditional graphic features of champagne (bottle, cork, ice bucket, glass, and labels) but thought that if champagne could turn one’s head, it was only necessary to reverse all these visual elements to amplify this impression, and especially to differentiate the Piper Heidsieck brand from its competitors by recreating the packaging of the champagne.

The idea of working with such an exciting signature as Viktor & Rolf is born from a strategic and creative design management partnership between Piper Heidsieck and BETC Design. It is this creativity in support of packaging, also expressed throughout the communication (the sight will also spin your head around) that won over the Pentawards jury. The bottles of Pieper Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage signed by Viktor & Rolf were launched on the market at the end of October 2007 in several duty free shops and in exclusive bars and wine bars. This is therefore a limited-time edition.

The glass bottles are covered by a sleeve produced by Sleever International, a leading global company in this very innovative area of packaging design.

Platinum Award — Best of the Category: Beverages
Brand: Coca-Cola Aluminium Bottle
Entrant: Turner Duckworth: London & San Francisco
Country: USA and UK

The Platinum BEVERAGES went to the Coca-Cola aluminium bottle designed by the Anglo-American Turner Duckworth agency. Here is what Bruce Duckworth says: “As a successful brand becomes familiar, adding new graphics is the easy answer to keep it fresh. But over time the brand is diluted. Sooner or later you need to return to the basics. This is what we have done with Coca-Cola. You need only a slice of Coke’s script to know it. The bottle shape remains the same but in a very contemporary new material. The result is packaging that feels at once familiar and new.” A good way of putting into practice the celebrated ‘Less is More.’

Platinum Award — Best of the Category: Food Brand: Tesco Tortilla Chips
Entrant: Pemberton & Whitefoord
Country: UK

The Platinum FOOD was won by the Pemberton & Whitefoord agency of London for a range of Tortilla chips for the retailer Tesco. The agency created ‘the Bandito,’ a comical character who changes outfit and accessories according to the type of chips, bringing a touch of humour to a product which is, after all, fairly mundane. He is dressed in a Hawaiian shirt with sunglasses and a portable phone for the Cool Bandito version, has a water bottle extinguisher and red cheeks for the Chilli Bandito version, etc. Moreover, the strong colour codes increase the display impact.