Propack Africa 2016

Marchesini to show MA 352

The Marchesini Group will be showcasing the horizontal continuous-motion cartoning machine MA 352 at Propack Africa to be held from 15 to 18 March 2016

The MA 352 which will be exhibited at Propack has a feeding scroll that arranges the vials on a conveyor belt. In the meantime, a rotary drum picks up the carton from the magazine and opens and squares it by 150° by means of mechanical rotating arms. Some rods with suction cups at the ends transfer the opened carton from the drum into the toothed chain. The product delivered from the infeed chain is inserted into the carton, together with the instruction leaflet, by means of pushers positioned opposite the operator, which follow the continuous motion of the carton conveyor chain. Once the carton is complete, it is sent to the MF 910 Mini wrapper and overwrapper. The panels of this unit can be completely opened to make it very quick and straightforward to replace the reel underneath the machine.

This type of arrangement offers customers many advantages. First and foremost, any work to be carried out can be done much quicker, consequently cutting machine shutdown times drastically, which results in higher production rates. The production flow is also much more visible so that the operator can monitor the products while they are being wrapped and intervene promptly if necessary. This also offers greater safety and simplicity of movement due to the possibility to lift the hood of the machine right up.

Packaging South Asia is the cooperating media partner for drupa 2016 which is scheduled to be held from 31 May to 10 June at Dusseldorf, Germany.